• Rockin’ the Unthinkable: Dr. Craig’s award-winning film

    Dr Craig's video awards

    Dr Craig's three time, award-winning film is now available for the world to see. Rockin' the Unthinkable is the story about this Healing ALS Warrior's 25 years of conquest after ALS.

    See Dr. Craig's passion, perseverance and prepare to be inspired in this 30 minute video...


    Dr. Craig and The Healers organization’s mission is to expand medical research and wellness education beyond the limits of traditional practices. The Healers encourage and inspire people to take a leadership/healer role in their health/healing, even when utilizing various health professionals and healing resources. You will find a summary of the research, educational, and inspirational activities by clicking HERE.

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  • Dr. Craig is feeling confident with the Rifton Dynamic Pacer — Thank you Rifton for your generosity!

    Feeling Confident, Making Progress - Let's Rock!