Monthly Archives: April 2012

Be As the Clay on the Wheel

By Shellee Rae What if you were to completely surrender to life?  Take a big breath, exhale, and then say, ‘okay, life, you’re in charge!  I no longer want the driver’s seat.’  It’s much more enjoyable to rest...
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What are Bodies About and For?

By Bernie Siegel, MD I have written, in other places, about our Creator’s latest parable relating to us that we are satellite dishes, remote controls and television screens. To clarify the meaning of these words for those, who...
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A Paradoxical Principle of Healing

R2-Delphic Oracle Malerba
by Larry Malerba, DO, DHt   Archeologists recently discovered yet another ancient sanctuary dedicated to Asklepios thanks to a road construction project about 125 miles north of Athens in Greece. Over 300 such temples have been previously identified...
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