Monthly Archives: June 2012

Spiritual Organic Juice Fasting

Spiritual Organic Juice Fasting by Dr. Gabriel Cousens I am continually inspired by the awesome healing power of Spiritual juice fasting as a self-healing tool. Spiritual organic juice fasting cleans the bodymind and feeds the spirit, allowing our...
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The Jealousy Habit

The Jealousy Habit by Dr. Glassman, MD Let’s think about jealousy for a minute. You know what I mean—when you see someone or hear something and it gives you a twinge of envy inside or makes you question...
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We Are All Coeliac

We Are All Coeliac by Mike Menkes Today’s bread wheat is a hybrid known as Triticum aestivum, and full of gluten.  This modern wheat evolved from wild emmer (T. dicoccoides). Einkorn, the first domesticated grain, is not related to emmer...
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