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The HEALERS Campaign Announces Jim Oliver To Appear on The Waves Of Healing Radio Show

Jim Oliver will appear on the Waves of Healing radio show on 7/31/12. Since 1982 Emmy Award winner Jim Oliver’s music has come forth to coax the human spirit into remembering how awesome it truly is. Whether you listen during a massage,...
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Will Coke Bottles Soon Require A Cancer Warning Label?

Leonard Coldwell Headshot
By Dr. Coldwell Back in January, the state of California added to its list of cancer-causing chemicals an ingredient commonly used in flavored soda beverages, which has sent major shockwaves throughout the processed food industry. And according to...
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Some Basic Objections to ALS Association & Muscular Dystrophy Association High Sugar Dietary Recommendation for ALS

drcraig-thehealers (2)
THE HEALERS campaign scientific research on ALS is in large part based upon the awareness of mitochondria dysfunction in ALS. I pray to God to help me discover a way to get into the national media THE HEALERS...
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The HEALERS Campaign Announces Suzanna Kennedy To Appear on The Waves Of Healing Radio Show

Suzanna Kennedy will appear on the Waves of Healing radio show on 7/24/12. Author, speaker, master teacher and transformational expert, Suzanna Kennedy is the Founder and Director of Reality Crafting Institute. For 18 years, Suzanna served as a business consultant...
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ALS Forums Discriminates Against Dr Craig, 18 Year Survivor of ALS (Opinion)

ALS forums 1
Soon after ALS researcher from Milan, Italy, Dr Francesco Pagnini, and I posted our THE HEALERS campaign ALS scientific research dietary and health online survey, something very interesting happened. I went to share this opportunity with my fellow...
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Schizophrenia is a Chronic Terror Syndrome, Not Genetic: Dr Bertram Karon’s Acceptance Speech for Empathic Therapist Award

By Bertram P Karon PhD [Note from Dr Craig: Dr Bertram Karon influenced me in my development as a psychologist healer more than any other faculty member during my graduate studies at Michigan State University. Our friendship has...
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The HEALERS Campaign Announces Emmanuel Dagher To Appear on The Waves Of Healing Radio Show

Emmanuel Dagher will appear on the Waves of Healing radio show on 7/10/12. Emmanuel Dagher has had the honor of co-creating miracles with thousands of people around the world through his work as a Transformation Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher, Author , and...
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