Monthly Archives: November 2012

Zombie Stew

By Harlan J Wheeler Author, Poet and Inspirational Trouble Maker Books include: “The Gratitude Journey: from Jellyfish to Bigfoot” “Tipping is a City in China” “The Art and Science of Success volume 3” Contact; Zombie Stew: This...
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A Behind-the-Scene Sneak Peek at the November 17th Benefit Concert for Dr Craig: I Get by with a Lot of Help from My Friends

drcraig-thehealers (2)
-By Dr Craig I have yet to get comfortable, even 18 years after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, with requiring the help of my friends to help me have the resources to meet my basic survival needs....
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The Low Down On Sugar: Understanding your Cravings

By Christie Korth, CHC AADP (Note from Dr Craig: The following guest article may be helpful to individuals who are interested in becoming healthier by reducing refined sugar in their diet. Some of the substitute recommendations by the...
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