The Sufi Path, and Fantastic News for THE HEALERS


By Dr. Craig, AKA, Sa’id

How are you moving towards your destination? Is your focus, awareness, thought choices, and behavior moving in there in the most beautiful manifestation possible? The Sufi way is to “walk” straight with attention always on God in the heart. Our goal is to not look left and to not look right, at the voices of the ego; rather, the promise I made to my spiritual guide, Sidi Muhammad, was to always focus on remembering God in my heart. In my experience walking straight, continually cleaning the heart with the remembrance of God, brings deeper and deeper beauty in my life. It is hard to even put into words. Experiencing the greatest oneness with God is my number one goal in this life. The more I become a slave to God, the happier I am and the more amazing my life gets.

I just spent about 75 minutes with 2 beautiful Muslim brothers who are really brothers. They were praising God with me, which is such a powerful use of attention and the heart. I found myself sobbing deeply as I contemplated on the love of Allah, which I understand as One and all that really exists. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, because my wailing activated neurological problems. Every time I looked up, I saw 2 compassionate men showing love. They helped me with some prayers and a little bit of Arabic. I have so many wonderful relationships and there is something beautiful about hanging out with other people who are committed to knowing God deeply. We all help one another with our focus on God.

I am so fortunate. Also, I was the topic of a presentation by Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN at the national PLMI Thought Leaders Consortium. Furthermore, the brilliant Harvard University Medical School scientific researcher, Dr Martha Herbert, who attended Coco’s presentation, is now on my scientific research team. This is the author of The Autism Revolution. I am very excited about how we might work together with ALS research!

Thank you for your interest and support for THE HEALERS campaign. 

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig, AKA Sa’id

Craig Oster, PhD


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