Video: MSG – Making People Sick Year After Year (Yet ALS Forums Promotes That People With ALS Shouldn’t Worry About MSG)

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My advisor, Coco Newton, received the letter below regarding a video produced by 60 Minutes about some of the dangers of MSG. I enjoyed watching the video, and continue to be astonished that the entity known as ALS Forums promotes that people with ALS don’t worry about consuming the neuro-toxin MSG. They write on their website, “While always a good idea to eat right, the message of the MSG and glutamate misinformation has been designed to mislead ALS and/or MND sufferers to thinking that detoxification will benefit health and can/will reverse the symptoms of ALS and MND.” Their statement is mistaken, with potential negative health consequences for people with ALS. There are numerous integrative medicine physicians who would very strongly oppose their ALS patients consuming MSG. Unrelated to glutamate, my health professionals have supported me in detoxification practices which have added to my wellness. This is fact. I believe it makes sense as part of a comprehensive holistic wellness lifestyle, but I would never promise a person with ALS that they will have symptomatic improvement.

ALS Forums continues, “A well known and respected organisation (MDAUSA.ORG) educated the public about glutumate and MSG back in 1997, saying “dietary glutamate isn’t toxic to motor neurons. I tell my patients not to worry about it at all.”.” Regardless of whether or not dietary glutamate crosses the blood brain barrier, I would never imagine imagine putting MSG in my nervous system.  Such behavior on the part of ALS Forums is irresponsible. It is not truthful to paint everyone who believes that consuming MSG is foolish for people with ALS, as some kind of a fraud. That is absurd! The same thing regarding detoxification. Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and ALS Association high level officials avoided answering my questions regarding their recommendations of Ensure and other Abbott Laboratories meal replacement products containing MSG in other ingredient(s), during my communications with them.

MDA is conducting research giving subjects in three different groups, each with a different Abbott Laboratories meal replacement product, each of which has sugar and ingredients containing MSG! MSG and sugar are not being studied, just given to all subjects like it ain’t no thing! Then, the ALS industry makes it seem like people who believe MSG is a bad idea for ALS are hucksters. This is not of integrity.

There are unscrupulous people, who make claims beyond their experiences, and that is wrong. But believing in detoxification as a general health enhancing practice, and being against MSG doesn’t mean someone is likely a fraud.

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Dr Craig

Subject: MSG – Making people sick year after year


This 60 Minutes report was recommend by
a Real Food Channel subscriber.

What really struck me was how little has
changed since this report was made in 1991.

MSG is still hidden in thousands of processed

The FDA and the food industry still say MSG
poses no health risks.

About the only thing that has changed is the
mountain of evidence that MSG isn’t safe for

– Traci Styner
The Real Food Channel

60 Minutes Video on the Dangers of MSG (13:28):

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