Dr Craig Says A Little About Being A Sufi Mystic Muslim

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by Dr Craig

I am a Sufi Muslim. On this mystical walk, the primary practice for healing and for knowing God better is to practice remembrance, which is to repeat the name “Allah” over and over with awareness in the heart. We strive to do it continuously. Allah is the Arabic word for God, and is the same God to which the Prophets of the Bible prayed. My walk is one of expansive peace and love, and experience the greatest oneness with Allah, which is expressed in everything. This is the Arabic symbol for Allah:

This symbol is on about 10 walls in my home, because of my determination to surrender everything to Allah deeply to live a life of being the greatest possible expression of love that could be expressed through this personality known as Dr Craig, Craig, Sa’id, and on occasion Cutie Pants or Babe (by my beloved Michelle).

To me, Sufism is a healing lifestyle. My Sufi master mentor, Dr Kirk Laman, has used remembrance to help people heal from a wide variety illnesses. His work has been praised by Dr Oz and Jack Canfield. He has told me that without exception, everyone who has done remembrance 20 minutes daily both morning and night consistently has had improvements in wellness on some level. When Dr Laman and I have healing sessions, we use additional prayer techniques. Allah has blessed him as a healer, and I feel remarkable healing in our sessions. We both realize that Allah is the healer.

You may remembrance regardless of your religious orientation. Use it with discipline and you will likely feel greater wellness on some level.

“Love conquers everything.”
– Shaykh Sidi Muhammad, custodian of the holy Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, who initiated me via telephone from Jerusalem onto the mystical Sufi path of Islam and gave me my Sufi name “Sa’id” meaning “happy with God”

In this photo Sidi is seen during a meeting with the Pope. Sidi has very few belongings and dedicates himself to caring for the poor and fiercely speaking against violence of any kind, including the environment.

I was blessed to sit with Sidi for a weekend and it was amazing. A great expression of love for those who can hear. When many hear the name Islam, they immediately think of radical Islamic terrorist states. My Sufi tradition has a deeper understanding of Islam as a surrender to Love and as against violence. I am only wanting to understand what being a Muslim means to me. As a Muslim, I stand for love, and if someone would discriminate against me upon knowing this about me, that demonstrates something is closed in their heart. I respect people of all faiths that are doing their best to be kind and loving to creation.

May peace be upon you,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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  1. Kirk says:

    Hi: I would never suggest to be anything like a Sufi Master. I am just a traveler, one who tries his best to be moved by the breath and grace of the almighty. God has blessed me by being able to to know Dr. Craig and see his patience and perseverance.

    May Allah grant you peace.


  2. Goolam says:

    MaaShaa Allah, dear doctor Craig.
    “Verily, in Allah’s Remembrance do hearts find peace”.
    Ref: Qur’an 13.28

  3. Goolam says:

    May Allah bless you, Ameen!

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