Busy Beyond Belief: Grateful for Major Campaign Advancements, Yet Must Be Vigilant About Stress Management For My Own Wellness


by Dr Craig

Yesterday, I sent the link to my ALS/SOS (Simplicity of Stillness) study participants for the pre- intervention questionnaires, after a final review. I have so many projects going on simultaneously! There could be substantial work involved in the management of getting all participants to complete questionnaires on a timely basis and provide home mailing addresses so that we can mail study CDs and get the 8 week intervention started. This study will occupy much time in coming months as well.

Meanwhile, I need to coordinate the Michigan film shoots with renowned New York documentary filmmakers. The next couple of weeks, I am also highly involved in fighting for legislation in Michigan that will protect the rights of consumers to consult with nutritional professionals of their choice vs. monopoly. I may even request a private meeting with the chair of the regulatory committee, or go to a hearing. I am so excited about the possibility of my healing journey making a positive political difference in the health of the people of the state of Michigan and the Michigan economy. I have asked my Mother to go to the capital to testify, and she said “Yes”! We want to make a difference with our healing journeys.

I am also working with the co-founder of THE HEALERS campaign, Carl Polonyi, on developing commerce for the ALS scientific research campaign because I do everything on a volunteer basis. In the meantime, I have invest great time in fundraising for my basic needs.

Dr Francesco Pagnini and I have data from an ALS study that we conducted that needs to be written up for publication, yet I would like to put my collaboration with University of Brasilia researchers before that study; I will soon send the researchers in Brazil the incomplete questionnaire I am developing for our study, for their review. I am so excited to move forward on that study.

At the same time, I have all the work of managing 24/7 caregivers, and I am in a hiring process for a key position. This is quite a process and energy consuming.

I also have people with ALS from around the world who write me for help. There are so many more responsibilities I have in managing THE HEALERS campaign, and with writing articles and communicating with guest authors. I am also working with PBS, a TV show in Texas that wants to dedicate an episode to me, and a Hollywood producer who is trying to get me my own reality TV show. Meanwhile, everything I do is on a volunteer basis.

Sometimes, I feel stressful pressure in my body, by how much work I have building THE HEALERS scientific research and holistic health educational campaign, while needing to give significant time to fundraising activities. I do most of it with one finger typing, taking 10 hours to get about 2-3 hours of work accomplished. I actually suspect that unsustainable stress on the nervous system, factors into the etiology of ALS along with other factors. I have tools to find peace, including my daily prayers which involve an hour or more time. I feel like I am walking a very thin line, attempting to build THE HEALERS campaign to the point that I will be able to support myself and my expensive caregiving needs, by being compensated for all the work I am doing to advance ALS research and the health education of the United States.

I welcome your prayers and support.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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  1. Dr. Craig,

    I am a pALS who is new to your site and work and am so pleased you are doing what you are doing. We share some similar aspects to our background and approach to dealing/healing (therapy, nutrition and internal mind development) and it is refreshing to see someone else live with so much hope.

    My hope for you is that you find the balance needed to keep up your good work.


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