In an Important Sense Life is Perfect & This Realization is a Key to Peace

Dr Craig Oster, THE HEALERS

By Dr Craig

Is life perfect in this moment, as it should be? In an important sense I believe life is perfect and that understanding this truth, and I do believe it to be the truth, leads to greater happiness. This statement might seem ridiculous to many people. In my view, the truth of my statement depends upon how the word “perfect” is defined.

I will proceed even though my argument will be on weak grounds if we focus on common usage in the English language according to dictionary definitions. Merriam-Webster defines perfect as “being entirely without fault or defect : flawless <a perfect diamond>.” Clearly on the physical level, life has tremendous flaws and defects in the way people treat one another if we use some moral ideal from religion or philosophical ethics. Murder, corruption, greed, rape, incest, dishonesty, slavery and so forth are issues that I hope all of my readers care about such that your lives will actively be steered toward supporting not hurting people.

So, the world is not perfect in a moral ideal state. I imagine that most people will strongly support the previous statement.

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