The Year I Realized I Wasn’t A Dog: A Dr Craig Healing Story


By Dr Craig

One of my healing practices, which I believe has played an important role in my improving the condition known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is inundating my mind the repetitious listening of CDs that teach about healing and awakening. I have practiced this habit for many years. To give you one example, one time I listened to the metaphysical classic six-hundred-and-something page Science of Mind, by Earnest Holmes, seven times consecutively.

I have done this with countless books and lectures. Before I reunited with my beloved Michelle three years ago, after a 25 year separation, I was in a relationship with an osteopathic physician who utilized this method for transformation even more than me. During those five-and-a-half years of our relationship, my use of this approach became even more intensified, sometimes to the dismay of my caregivers who tire of hearing the same principles of healing over and over. This approach is quite empowering, because understanding of healing principles becomes deeper and deeper; transformation is more probable, when understanding reaches greater depths.

I only use this approach with teachings which I believe will, when deeply comprehended, have consequences of increased inner freedom, healing and peace. When the movie The Secret originally was released on DVD, I purchased it and viewed it over twenty times. For me, it was never the same movie, because I would continually perceive it in new ways after repeated listening and contemplative applications in my daily life. My studiousness with The Secret and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks regarding the Law of Attraction really paid huge results, because I experienced incredible transformation in awareness regarding beliefs.
One day when I was listening to some of these materials in the bathroom, and I believe it was in early 2009 when I was in hospice, a thought was spontaneously generated in my mind which penetrated deeply within. The thought was something like, “In many ways, the thoughts that occur within my personality in response to a number of behaviors of others are so predictable and automatic. How is this conditioned behavior much different than a dog? I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE A DOG!!!”

I am a trained clinical psychologist and have studied learning and conditioning theory quite extensively, yet this moment hit me hard and I felt great sadness. Some of my sadness came from my intellectual understanding of the power of beliefs to help me heal ALS, and that to the extent I was a slave to my conditioned thinking I was further away from having the key to unlocking the prison of ALS. I contemplated this thought deeply and would even share it with people, although in truth I am not sure that I have ever effectively communicated the power of this contemplation for me… and I am not sure that I will do so in this short article, either.

Before I proceed further, let me say that I absolutely love dogs and have many fond memories of my childhood dog, a beagle and collie mixed mutt named George. I have nothing against dogs, and in some ways we might even do well to learn from some of their qualities, but I more deeply than ever realized my quest and yearning for inner freedom.

In some ways I have had an advantage over many people who are on a dedicated quest for inner freedom and spiritual awakening. Although I have had a hunger for that my whole adult life, eighteen years ago when I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease the issue became one of life and death, at least in my mind. I have never met another person with the diagnosis of ALS who placed as much stock in healing the mind and gaining mastery of awareness as I have, with the belief that doing so would play a critical role in physical healing.

I believe that my work on my mind and my heart, the latter which has become an even deeper focus, has played an important role in my physical wellness and healing. Interestingly enough, the deeper that the healing of my heart and mind becomes, the more I am valuing the inner freedom/love/peace in and of itself. Within less than one year after I had my “I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE A DOG!!!” moment, I was blessed with over two-and-a-half weeks of spiritual awakening experiences during which I experienced so many amazing aspects of my reality as a spiritual being. They could easily take up a couple of chapters in a book, and I will only touch upon this in this essay which is coming near its end.

I experienced silence that was leaps and bounds beyond what I would ordinarily call silence. I actually felt my soul in a flash of light and began to experience other people’s souls in a whole new way. There is so much more I could share, but for now I will only mention the time when I experienced absolute freedom and there was absolute happiness so spectacular and I realized I had discovered the key to happiness. Would you like to know what my belief was from that moment regarding the key to happiness? I was identified with awareness itself and there was a realization that all unhappiness comes from a misidentification, most often with thoughts and images.

The personality known as Dr Craig was not able to maintain this heightened level of awareness over the last two years, although I am a changed person who better understands the real possibility for experiencing heaven on earth. Only God knows why I was given the taste of awakening when I was for how long I was. From my personality’s perspective, the greater mastery with awareness, inner freedom and peace occurred to a significant extent because I continually trained my mind with principles of truth through listening and contemplating books and seminars. Change your beliefs and change your reality.

With love and gratitude,
Dr Craig
Craig Oster, PhD

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  1. Craig,

    Thank you for sharing, the knowing of your experiences and your insights are greatly valued.


  2. Marianne says:

    Great article,Dr. Craig! I do the same thing. I take inspiring sentences or sometimes paragraphs and read them over and over. I write them on cards and carry them around with me to read throughout the day. Sometimes I use them like mantras as well. I think this practice has helped me to glimpse beyond the veil for a fraction of a second every now and then. Also, deep shifts have come from severe health challenge experiences that stopped me in my tracks. Your story is very inspiring, Dr. Craig. I’d love to feature your story on my blog, Miracle Mama. It’s about miracle stories and inspiring people. Thank you for the work that you do. You’re amazing!

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