Tribest Supports Dr Craig’s Healing with Soil-Free Wheatgrass Growing System: A Photo Essay


Freshly juiced wheatgrass is considered by many to be one of the healthiest and regenerative foods on earth. Among many other important benefits, it cleanses and enriches the blood. It is exceptionally rich in chlorophyll has been said to be, chemically speaking, the nearest thing to the structure of hemoglobin.

“An analysis of blood samples drawn from more than two hundred Hippocrates guests before and after only two weeks of our program gave scientific support to our observations. Performed at the Arthur Testing Laboratory, the study showed that within two weeks of following the Hippocrates wheatgrass juice, the blood is detoxified and the immune system strengthened. These changes lead to more energy and an improved ability to combat and reverse illness.” (Dr. Ann Wigmore, Founder, Hippocrates Health Institute). Dr. Brian Clement who has been leading Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida is an advisory team member for THE HEALERS campaign.

Thanks to my sponsor Tribest, I now have a soil free wheatgrass growing system in my home. I have eight trays with grow lights in my kitchen and two trays by my patio window. The wheatgrass growing system which Tribest sells is very easy to use and is very space efficient. The trays are sold in sets of three trays which are stackable upon one another with legs that are provided with the kit. The white color is perfect for my kitchen.

Unless you have plenty of space by windows with much sunlight exposure, I would recommend that you purchase some grow lights and attach them to the growing system; my beautiful friends, Dayne and Zach, did that for me. They also built a shelf upon which to place the system, so that I could keep my two portable floor cabinets in the kitchen.

Once the wheatgrass system is purchased, the only expense is purchasing seeds, paper toweling to place the seeds on, and the electricity to operate the lights. There is a two or three day germination period for the seeds, so all of the lights are not on every day. During one phase of the growing, the trays simply need to be sprayed with water from a little spray bottle; in the other phase, the grass trays are rinsed in the kitchen sink with the sink spray hose.

There is one period during which the trays have a clear plastic cover, and look like cute miniature greenhouses. It is nice to have the energizing grow lights shining in my peripheral vision as I work at my computer station. I also love green vegetation growing in my living environment, and there is no messy soil in the kitchen.

Tribest provides a booklet with easy to follow step by step instructions. I have already grown, harvested and juiced my first crop. I drank the juice from two trays each day as long as it was available. It has a beautiful sweetness to it, and a kick that sometimes makes me shudder. It is so full of life energy. I use the incredible workhorse twin gear Green Star Elite juicer from Tribest for all of my juicing needs, including juicing wheatgrass; this is the best juicer I have ever worked with in over two decades of juicing. I am so grateful to Tribest for having provided one of these juicers to my mother for her cancer healing quest; I will report on this in a future article on THE HEALERS campaign website.

If you have never availed yourself to life giving experience of consuming fresh wheatgrass juice, I suggest that you consider exploring whether there might be a health food store near you that sells freshly juiced wheatgrass and try an ounce. I recommend that you start slowly, because if you have significant toxins in your body you may experience some feeling of nausea until your body becomes more purified. Please share your wheatgrass experiences with us at THE HEALERS campaign.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, Ph.D.

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