“Hercules But you can call me Craig”: Hip-Hop & NeoSoul Artist Song Inspired by Dr Craig


By Dr Craig

A beautiful person, music therapist and a remarkable musical artist who plays multiple instruments, Virginia Lyric’Lee Anderson, wrote and recorded ” Hercules, but you can call me Craig.mp3 ” for me. Lyric’Lee did this for me after volunteering to perform at my annual benefit concert several years ago.

This beautiful soul, I am grateful to consider a friend. My time talking with her and listening to her perform touched my heart in such a beautiful way. Please listen to the song, which is in MP3 format. The lyrics of the song are typed out below.

The photos that I am sharing in this blog post are not related to my benefit concert or the recording of the song.


Hercules But you can call me Craig


Through challenges I’ve learned to live

I’m blessed to give and to receive

Won’t let life’s struggles bring me down

There’s beauty all around, you just wait and see

I asked why a million times

Learned how to cry and to believe

A greater mission throughout the strife

I’ve surrendered my life, to hope and possibility


I can’t give up

That’s not my scene

Perseverance, is what was taught to me…


Exhaustion, trauma, no I won’t surrender

Life’s not a movie and I’m no pretender

I’m Hercules, but you can call me Craig

(vamp 3x’s)

Listen to the song here: Hercules, but you can call me Craig.mp3

Lyric’Lee found inspiration for the song from my 2010 healing journey essay, “HOW LITTLE CRAIGIE BECAME A HERCULES: Transforming Unspeakable Sufferings into Unspeakable Gifts.”

I am so fortunate for the loving-kindness in my life with which I have been blessed, as I work to serve the world with my life!

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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