A Great Fall 2012 Benefit Concert Thanks to My Friends

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By Dr Craig

Thanks to my friends, November 2012 benefit concert was a success! I sincerely thank everyone who came out to support my cause, from the bottom of my heart.

My dear friend Sandy and Michelle’s leadership with the event was incredible! I don’t know how Sandy did everything that she did. She solicited auction items, created incredible items on her own, helped organize, led the auction and with her daughter Madeline handled credit card donations to the Craig Oster Trust. Sandy’s husband Phil was there helping with setup, the door, and any help that was needed. The same with Madeline’s boyfriend, Cole, who also handcrafted a functional art piece for the auction. I am so grateful to all of them for helping me have a successful event! And I thank Sandy’s remarkable friends and family who contributed to the event!


In a thanks everyone for helping me meet my basic care needs, while I do my best to make a difference in the world with my life. I love you all. Michelle was also amazing in going back and forth between being with me and keeping up with all of the management needs of the event!
 It was wonderful to see everyone who showed up, including my friends the Newton family. One of the most endearing and humorous moments of the night happened when my Great Aunt Vivian was visiting near the Newton family. Coco Newton exclaimed “Wow” when my second cousin Dean told everybody his mother is 101 years old. Aunt Vivian responded to Coco’s exclamation by saying, “That is getting up there.” Aunt Vivian said it in a matter of fact way that was so inspiring, touching and endearing that we all started laughing joyfully. It was as if we were being taught a secret from the mindset of lives way beyond the norm. I felt so honored to have her attend. She had lost my Great Uncle Les many years ago to ALS. He survived 24 years with it, and Dean showed us a photo of his father with the legendary past voice of the Detroit Tigers, Ernie Harwel.
I am grateful for the help of Ric, Peggy, Tara, Rob, Carl, and the musical entertainment featuring  Joe Labeau, Erich Goebel and The Flying Crowbars. The energy was high. People had a good time and some even danced. I am so grateful to Steven Skindell who blew people away with his walk around magic. Two of my caregivers, Kenny and Lila both brought their parents and Kenny touched my heart by recruiting about a dozen people that he knows to travel to my event.
I was happy to see both my mother and my father as well as both of my sisters and my other wonderful relatives who attend my events, year after year. It was great to see so many others, including, Allan, Al who rides his Harley year round, Ken and Lynda, Chris, Chris, Dr Jay, Dr Laman, Lenny and Dan who are great supporters in the rehab gym, Dan, Craig, Kevin and Debbie, Teresa and many more.
Everybody loved the world premier of THE HEALERS TV series sizzle reel, which has already won a Platinum AVA Award and is up for the 34th Annual Telly Awards. I am grateful for Troy Anthony Garriga of Garriga Tribe Productions and Brandon Klock of Ticking Tock Productions.
The venue disappointed in delivering what they said they would regarding food. This is the first time that that has happened, and understand that we didn’t have someone confronting the establishment regarding their not doing what they said they would. I don’t know if that would have helped. I apologize to my guests that night, because my benefits have always had wonderful amounts of a variety of foods. I am grateful for all the things they did do. Onward!
BLUES SINGER FREDDIE CUNNINGHAM IS INCREDIBLE  (even had a PBS special done on him)… CHECK HIM OUT HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MBTfrJt_a7E) AND … 
Freddie Cunningham and his Root Doctor Band will play during my 2013 4 hour 8th Annual Fall Benefit Concert (with auction) in Lansing!!!I hope that it will be the best benefit yet and that we will be able to attract a group of about 300 people to attend this inspirational event that will support me in my situation as an 18.5 year ALS survivor with incredible care expenses. I hope you will be able to come and to let your peeps know about this special event.
With Love,
Dr Craig
Craig Oster, PhD

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