Dr Craig Drops ALIVE Nomination Because of Integrity & Furthers His ALS Scientific Research Mission

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By Dr Craig

Thursday evening I was deeply saddened but not shocked when I read an article that was being promoted as, “Breaking news: ALIVE New York event crumbles, allegations of financial misconduct from co-founder, key speakers bail: http://www.naturalnews.com/036248_ALIVE_New_York_awards_event_allegations.html

After I read the article, I realized that I needed to immediately withdraw myself from any participation in the ALIVE New York 2012 as a nominee for the ALIVE Inspiration Award. I didn’t even take my usual course of action of consulting with the co-founder of THE HEALERS campaign, Carl Polonyi, who is also Vice President at International Bancard. I knew absolutely that Carl would support my decision to not participate in the event that would bring greater awareness of my mission and THE HEALERS campaign, because we are bonded brothers regarding integrity as a core value of THE HEALERS campaign.

You may read the story at NaturalNews.com (see the link above) that caused me to choose to not participate in this event. I was further influenced by the decision of another nominee, whom I respect considerably, to withdraw from the event after a personal meeting with ALIVE organizers. Integrity is the issue. I didn’t want to participate in an event that didn’t meet the value of integrity of THE HEALERS campaign, which Carl and I intend to build into an organization that will carry on a meaningful research and educational wellness legacy that will continue on long after we are gone.

I knew that my decision was right for me even though at that point in time I thought that I may have gained significantly more attention to my healing journey and my THE HEALERS scientific ALS research, educational, and television series mission. On the following few days, more and more information surfaced that suggested to me that the event of these organizers will likely never happen, at least not with anywhere near the level of highly regarded participants. For me integrity is priceless.

So, on Thursday night June 21st after reading the breaking news, I wrote my request to Anna Scurry of ALIVE to totally remove me from the event and ALIVE website. The next day, I sent this follow up letter:

Anna and Joshua Scurry,

This is a follow-up to my request from yesterday, I ask that you immediately remove my name, images and media from your website today. I see that you have done this for my friends at Rockin’ Wellness, and I would appreciate the same. Alive organization does not have my permission to use my name or images associated in any way with the event that you are promoting.

Dr Craig
Craig Oster, Ph.D.”

Anna kindly replied that it was taken care of, and when I went back online, I discovered that I had been removed from the website. Everyone is waiting to hear the Scurry’s side of things. I pray for the blessings of everybody that was planning on being part of the ALIVE New York 2012, event which appears to be in the toilet. I am especially saddened for the people who have invested considerable time, money and energy into this event.

Mike Adams followed up with this heated article about the Scurry’s:


Then, Mike Adams produced criminal records of the couple in this article:


Soon after, Mike Adams announced a free healing summit to fill the void in the apparent demise of ALIVE:


The next Natural News story in the ALIVE article series features a letter from Bob Wright, Director / Founder of Anti-Cancer Institute which ends in this way, “Again, we are very saddened by what has happened. We have all lost something as a result. Look for a world-wide event, possibly in the L.A. area, next year — done right. The American Anti-Cancer Institute along with its Advisory Board of well-known doctors and healers, including Dr. Coldwell, are in the initial planning stages for such an event. All, with similar missions, goals and objectives, will be invited to participate.

Bob Wright
Director / Founder
American Anti-Cancer Institute”

I am saddened as well. I am grateful to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Mike Adams for serving humanity with organizing holistic educational events. Wade Lightheart has also stepped up to sponsor a free event this coming weekend, with a number of speakers including my THE HEALERS campaign advisory team member, Dr Thomas Lodi. Carl Polonyi and I together have envisioned a THE HEALERS weekend educational conference in the future, involving a number of my remarkable THE HEALERS advisory team members; however, the holistic research and educational campaign is not even seven months old and we are working on establishing commerce for our holistic medical ALS scientific research.

By the way, data analyses of our first scientific research survey begins this week! Although I have not yet carefully reviewed all the surveys, it looks like we ought to have nearly sixty subjects with a diagnosis of ALS. I really worked hard to recruit these subjects, and ALS organizations do not seem to have much interest in supporting THE HEALERS campaign’s scientific research.

My emails requesting that they share our scientific survey with ALS patients have gone unanswered for three weeks by three leaders within the ALS community. These are all leaders with whom I have communicated in the past, and at that time they responded rather promptly. Are they unhappy that we are beginning to investigate the longstanding high sugar dietary recommendations of the ALS Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association? I am absolutely certain that THE HEALERS campaign ALS dietary scientific research program is going to produce beneficial information for people with ALS.

Familiarity with ALS research put together with a basic understanding of nutritional science should make it clear to any intelligent person that the practice of prescribing a high sugar anything goes diet to weakened people with ALS ought to be seriously investigated. Ask yourself why the ALS industry is not supporting this kind of research. I would prefer that they begin acting according to science in their dietary recommendations, instead of waiting for my future scientific research to demonstrate that their unfounded dietary recommendations have been harming ALS patients. My recommendations, that they prescribe a high calorie nutrient-dense low-glycemic diet to people with ALS and educate them about the science upon which THE HEALERS ALS scientific research is based, have been given nearly a year and a half ago…and seemingly without influence.

Truth will prevail. I shall persist with integrity, and insight upon it.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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