Letter From Dr Craig Requesting Your Vote For ALIVE Inspiration Award

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Dear Friends and Supporters:

I am writing my friends and others who have shown an interest in my 18 year healing journey with Lou Gehrig’s disease and/or interest in my THE HEALERS campaign which is a newly formed organization for my ALS holistic medical research and holistic educational/inspirational mission. I am writing to ask for your vote for me for the ALIVE Inspiration Award, which is being called the Academy Awards of Holistic Health. Casting a vote for me will only take a few seconds and 1 click, and you DON’T have to register of give your email address to vote [Click here to vote].

I am in the company of 3 amazing fellow nominees, all of whom are much better known than me. Bethany Hamilton has about 430,000 Facebook fans. She is the beautiful young surfer who had her arm bit off by a shark, a Hollywood movie was produced about her story of going on to become a professional surfer, and she has appeared on the Oprah show. Nick Vujicic, the incredible motivational speaker who is the man with no limbs, has about 380,000 fans. Both of them have achieved my dream of inspiring millions of people. I am also in the company of Anita Moorjani, a motivational speaker who survived cancer and had a near death experience. Her new book has a foreward by Dr Wayne Dyer.

I am honored to be amongst some of the highest achievers in the area of inspiration, which is a treasured huge purpose for my life. I love life and it feels so meaningful to help great numbers of people with my life. This event will be streamed live globally, and if I were to win this award it would facilitate my movement toward inspiring millions at a quickened pace. I have about 1,300 fans. I am an underdog here, but if the people who support the work that I am doing with THE HEALERS campaign vote for me and ask the people in their lives to do the same and to pass it on, I believe that we could have a miracle Dr Craig win. This could help me get more resources to have my basic care and health needs met, to conduct more innovative ALS scientific research, and to help great numbers of people in their healing journeys. In less than two months from now, I am submitting innovative ALS dietary research to a peer reviewed scientific journal with several esteemed members of my advisory team, including ALS research scientist Dr Francesco Pagnini from Milan, Italy.

I am determined to have the greatest reach possible with the gift of my healing journey and THE HEALERS campaign, with about 50 renowned advisors. Please search your heart about taking a few seconds to vote for me, and perhaps even a few minutes to ask your friends to consider supporting this cause too. You may also enjoy being part of the remarkable ALIVE New York event via live global streaming; information is available on their website. The shared mission of everyone involved with the event is to help the world have a new level of realization regarding what is possible with health and healing.

Thank you for your consideration. A win of this award could also help get my THE HEALERS television series to be picked up by a Hollywood studio in the fall. The event will take place on June 29th and 30th, and you may vote until one week before that time.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD


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