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Dr Craig’s “ROCKIN’ THE UNTHINKABLE” Short ALS Film- Award of Excellence Winner!

2016 videographer awards
Dr Craig & The Healers - Award of Excellence winner for ROCKIN’ THE UNTHINKABLE: Healing ALS Warrior’s 21 Years of Conquest after ALS...
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Report of ALS Improvement in Portugal: Bernardo Tells His Story

Bernardo Pinto Coelho
Bernardo Pinto Coelho tells his story of ALS improvement in Portugal and shares insights about his emotional shocks, his mental transformation and his holistic healing approach which has led to improvements of his symptoms....
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Medical Doctor Father Helps Son Improve ALS

M.D. father helps son stop ALS progression through integrative, holistic approach. The healing power is within us....
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A Tribute to One of World’s Most Heroic Mother’s: Bonnie Conn-Oster, Dr. Craig’s Mother

Craig with Mom at early benefit
My name is Dr Craig Oster and I am writing this Living Tribute to My Mother. Bonnie Conn-Oster is a dedicated and humble Mother of three, who has taken heroic and courageous efforts which have helped her son...
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“Redemption” Song Written by Thom Jayne & Dedicated to Dr Craig’s Healing Journey and Performed 5-Minutes into PBS Hour Long Episode.

thom Jayne2
by Dr Craig Professor Thom Jayne stopped at health food store in the Fall of 2010, picked up a copy of CoSozo Magazine featuring me on the front cover, and read my healing journey essay. Dr Jayne was so deeply touched...
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