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Dr. Craig Oster Testimony to House Regulatory Reform Committee Re: House Bill No. 4688

Open Letter Testimony to Michigan Legislative Representatives Regarding House Regulatory Reform & House Bill No. 4688 May 2013   Dear Representative Sam Singh & Senator Gretchen Whitmer, and House Regulatory Reform Committee, My name is Dr. Craig “Sa’id”...
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WARNING: REAL FOOD WILL SOON BE EXTINCT By Chris Sovey, RN BSN: founder of 3/28/13 I’m writing this article from the heart as a call to battle. Today, President Obama signed the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law....
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18 year ALS survivor, Dr Craig Oster, submits first ALS scientific study for peer review, and is invited to be a co-investigator on a Harvard University ALS research study…

Harvard 1
Dear Scott Allen, As a medical writer for the Boston Globe, you may be interested in my ALS scientific research collaboration with Dr Francesco Pagnini, an ALS research scientist from Milan, Italy.  We have submitted our first of...
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Dr Craig’s 2006 Letter to Oprah Winfrey, Who Will Have Opportunity to Bid on His THE HEALERS television series in 2012

Note from Dr Craig: Below, is my letter to Oprah Winfrey sharing my healing journey story and asking for help with my mission to help the world heal. I am fairly sure it was the spring of 2006,...
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If It Hits You, It Couldn’t Have Missed You

perfect 3
By Dr Craig “If It Hits You, It Couldn’t Have Missed You” were the parting words after our healing session from Dr Kirk Laman, the Sufi master/healer who is my mentor in walking the path of Sufism. The...
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