BIOAGE – The Age of Advanced Organics                                                                            

(BIO from the French: biologique for organic / AGE – the age of organics)


  • Wellness is found in nature.  We thrive to provide what nature offers.
  • It’s best to leave food the way nature made it.
  • With creative combinations we can obtain broadness, balance and synergies.

It has been a decade since BIOAGE brought the BioSuperfood formulas to the USA market and we are proud to say that during this time we have helped thousands of people and animals regain their health with these safe and efficient formulas that are actually organic whole foods and not isolates or separates.  We like to call them a food “complement” instead of “supplement.”

The BioSuperfood formulas were developed by pioneer Dr. Michael Kiriac during 15 years of extensive research on algae and their nutritional properties starting back in the early 70s. Dr. Kiriac is one of the world’s leading authorities on algae nutrition and the recipient of international awards for his research and findings in algae nutrition and earth ecology.

We firmly believe in the genius design of every single cell that our body is composed of. We believe that if our cells are properly nourished, our organs, our brain, our glands and our whole body will function at maximum potential. We are passionate about living healthy fulfilling lives and about sharing this passion with our loved ones, friends and everybody that cares about their well-being.

We love what we do every day; receiving calls and answering your questions in order to help you take control of your wellness. We share in your health victories as well as your challenges. We look forward to serving you, and whether you are a “newbie” or an expert, we will support your understanding and application of our product in your quest for wellness.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wellness Now!
Roland Thomas,
and the BIOAGE Team


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