The quest for Sunwarrior began with 3 men, 3 dreams, and an evening of brainstorming at the Sedona Raw Spirit Festival. Each man came to the brainstorm for different reasons, but all had a similar desire – to create a product and a company that benefits mankind and the planet.

Nick’s interest in health and nutrition started at an early age. He began juicing as a teen, and eventually developed the name “Natureboy.” In his twenties, he played semi-pro sports and competed as a body builder, and consumed massive amounts of animal products.  When his competitive career ended, his body felt toxic, and racked with constant aches and pains. It was at this point, he decided to return to a plant based diet. After only a short while, he noticed a significant difference, and was able to reverse the toxic acidic condition from the years of over consumption of animal products, to a more alkaline sense of wellness. Nick realized that the knowledge he had gained from his experience would benefit all those seeking a highly active, healthy, and athletic lifestyle.

Denley has been involved in the health field for over 30 years. Denley received his first call to action when he became the father of twin girls who started life with serious conditions. Together, he and his wife, Jan, began a quest for the knowledge that would save their children.  They were able to help their baby girls overcome life threatening diseases by which Denley learned that the answers to health issues lies in nature and most illness is simply poisons and toxins accumulated in the body through years of poor dietary habits. Denley continued his quest for nutritional solutions as he began dealing with enduring health problems of his own.  For years now, he has maintained a vegan, mostly raw lifestyle and has reaped enormous health benefits as a result.

Brent ’s quest started with his father passing away, at the age of 53, due to a massive coronary.  Brent was devastated, but also enlightened.  He started thinking about his own health; he was overweight, out of shape, and lacked energy and vitality.  He sought the advice of health books and experts, leading him to a vegetarian lifestyle. Brent suddenly became ill with an undiagnosed illness. Taking matters into his own hands and following a wholly plant-based lifestyle, Brent sought to improve his health.  After 16 years of a strict vegan diet, He still felt sick and unhealthy. He knew he needed more protein, but not just any protein, the right protein. This protein would be raw, plant based, alkaline, and easy to digest.

The three dreams came together when through mutual acquaintances, Brent Hauver and Denley Fowlke met Nick Stern. Combining their savvy business personalities with their earthy environmental consciousness, they created Sunwarrior! Since that time, Sunwarrior has been committed to producing not only great plant based products, but to elevating humanity and preserving the planet.

Jennifer Williams