Turbo Oxygen

Unprecedented potential to improve your personal health and physical capabilities


Turbo Oxygen (TO2E2) is a widely applicable system with unprecedented potential to improve your personal health and physical capabilities. It utilizes an inexpensive, documented simple method, to improve a widely known, but functionally unrecognized factor in vascular health.

The system helps to resolve a dominant factor in many chronic and degenerating conditions including ALS, as well as dominant performance limitations in professional sports.

The system can be used at home or in nearly any health care context. The system has a small physical footprint, 2 feet by 5 feet while in use, and uses a user-appropriate stationary exercise equipment, hot tub, or sauna.

  • The product is mechanically simple;
  • The technology has a 65 year history of safe use;
  • Product is easy to understand and is similar to hyperbaric, except simpler, faster, safer and much more effective;
  • Most users experience immediate noticeable benefits in the first use;
  • Time needed varies between 10 to 30 minutes once to several times daily to alternating days to weekly using ours and others’ recommendations.
  • The product is priced to be affordable for in-home or assembly line multiple training or rest and recovery deployment.


Product Overview and Brief History

The TURBO OXYGEN SYSTEM (TO2E2) is a family of products based on Top Secret Military Training and later on the pioneering work of Dr. Manfred von Ardenne, and his Oxygen Multistep Therapy. (O2MT), Drs. William Campbell Douglas II and Robert Rowen.

Since the 1950s 10s of thousands of people have used oxygen enhanced exercise and rest for health improvement.  O2MT and TO2E2 utilize the principle of oxygen-fluid solubility and respiratory turbulence to improve and often restore vascular integrity.  O2MT  Oxygen Multistep Therapy is well documented in Von Ardenne’s book titled  Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

A Simple Innovation

Our early experience with O2E2s (oxygen enhanced exercise and rest oxygen concentrators) EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Training) or OMT (Oxygen Multistep Therapy) led to a simple innovation—a low-pressure high volume reservoir bag. The reservoir innovation was the missing link for oxygen training. The reservoir bag radically improves availability and velocity/volume of oxygen for a very wide range of applications including simultaneous multiple person usage needing 25% of the floor space required by other systems. The 500-900 liter reservoir bags accumulate oxygen from a low-cost low volume oxygen generator/concentrator (O2E2), over time, and then deliver high-volume on demand for an exercising or resting user.  Our patented relevant face mask and connector tube system must be utilized.

Your Opportunities

This simple integration dramatically upgrades the performance and availability of our O2E2 .

  • The reservoir based system produces a significant beneficial response in individuals with a 10-30 minute program of light to intense exercise. Longer times at lower intensity can also be quite beneficial.
  • Turbo Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest (TO2E2) is easy and affordable for almost any wellness application in the home or athletic training environment. Clinical applications can be self help and may or may not require medical supervision.


Alternatives to Turbo Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest

There are two forms of competition. Neither enjoys wide adoption for exercise due to cost, space required and results.

  1. Hyperbaric therapy (soft chambers)  enjoys the strongest market position due to cost. vs Hyperbaric Chambers (HBOT hard chambers).
  2. Exercising EWOT or OMT cannulas or 1 liter reservoir bags to connect with the O2 source.
  1. Turbo Oxygen price/performance ratio is very superior to hyperbaric chambers. Market standard hyperbaric systems run $9,500 for the low end, and require many hours of encapsulation to produce a therapeutic result.  Plus the breather has no way to exercise so the experience is similar to watching TV or reading while sitting or lying down.   Lately  a few companies have created larger SOFT chambers that include 1.3 atmospheres of pressure and allow for being upright but the oxygen concentration is still greatly diluted by the ambient air and reduced LPM of pure oxygen in the chamber.  HBOT hard chambers cost upwards of $75,000-250,000 each and allow for maximum O2 saturation but are not conducive to exercise at all so the person just lies there and loses the benefits of exercise.

Therapeutic soft or hard chamber hyperbaric protocols usually require 30+ “dives,” each requiring 1-2 hours.  Both human factors and cost have seriously limited adoption of soft or hard chamber hyperbaric  training, and are limited to a fraction of the potential of oxygen enhanced exercise.

  1. Increased Levels of Versatility Compared To
    Exercise with Oxygen Training – EWOT / Oxygen Multistep Therapy – OMT

Our Turbo Oxygen applications integrate BOTH EWOT and OMT factors and use 5 to10 liters or more per minute oxygen generating systems.

These EWOT systems use a standard medical assembly of cannula or 1 liter reservoir bag, (that we also carry), to supply oxygen while in a sauna or during moderate exercise. On the upside, this method utilizes readily available equipment, and is helpful. We have many customers who swear by it but it is NOT TurboOxygen.

EWOT AND OMT adoption is limited for two basic reasons:

  • EWOT/OMT utilizes a fixed oxygen supply, usually 5-10 LPM. The person is exhaling half the time so they can only utilize half or less of the Liters Per Minute (LPM) output. However a strong user can breathe 100+ LPM, this means that each cannula or 1 liter reservoir bag in-breath must include ambient air and will dilute the small amount of extra oxygen way below the threshold of potential benefit. Hence the need for our special masks that deliver many times the volume of the cannula or 1 liter bag.
  • Though each body differs in exact requirements, given adequate O2 volume we can opt for less time to exercise.


On a personal note.
I prefer to start slow and build up gaining confidence and insight as I progress.   We expand on this when you purchase our system. There is very little risk with huge potential rewards. If you learn that you cannot use the system we will happily refund your money less shipping and handling. Small risk, HUGE potential reward.

So Called Advanced Elite Performance Training.

Many performance users believe they achieve advanced Altitude Training (AT) with both low and high altitude implications.  This very controversial high altitude training usually involves travel to a high altitude, like Colorado, to hopefully enable the body to adapt to lower oxygen levels, which in turn may or may not improve the body’s oxygen transport and utilization efficiency.

Most people do not care to go to that proposed level of AT engagement but at least the way we offer its equivalent is a simple inexpensive add-on. (see below).  Breathing volume is the key to longevity and there are Altitude Training factors that restrict breathing volume due to the extra effort to breathe in required to breathe thinner air: conditioning eclipses volume. Removing the byproducts of volume restrictions are an integral part of the optional Optimal Breathing  Development  Kit system that can be utilized in concert or separate from our Turbo Oxygen System.

Elite athletes who want to try AT integrate the well-known Altitude “Training Mask”.   The Training Mask provides access to oxygen simulated reduced air at simulated altitudes of approximately 6, 9, 12, 15,000 feet.  The mask usage involves switching between our oxygen rich outlet mask and oxygen poor Training Mask, directed by arterial blood saturation, pulse rates and Polar Chest strap and Polar APP guidance.  Other heart rate monitors can be used.

As a precaution we have to add that if altitude training was the all to be all then the Denver Broncos who train at 5000 feet would win every super bowl and they clearly do not. But AT can for some add an element of extra stamina and performance. Those with health challenges must be very careful not to restrict their breathing volume nor add to possible overbreathing-hyperventilation challenges so utilizing AT must be carefully planned and measured.  In any event, in our opinion AT should ALWAYS need to be integrated with the Optimal Breathing Development Kit.  www.breathing.com/breathingkit.htm

Though we make ZERO health claims it should be noted that one of Von Ardenne’s teachers was Otto Warburg who received the 1931 Nobel Prize for proving that Cancer is anaerobic, it does not survive in high concentrations of oxygen. See also from the Oxygen and Health Association 
www.breathing.com/pdf/viewpoints.pdf  for several comments related to oxygen from leading health professionals and authors showing how oxygen affects almost most aspects of life and living.


The system is simple and compelling.

  • The Turbo Oxygen system includes a new 5 or 10LPM oxygen generator, 500-900 Liter Turbo Reservoir Bag, mask, mask holder and bag-to-mask connecting tube and retails from $1200 to $2400. The system does NOT include stationary exercise equipment, which should be selected according to the customer’s need. The bag can hang from the ceiling horizontally or vertically or from a free standing stand or on top of a sauna or amoir.
  • Altitude Training includes a specially developed Altitude Training Mask that adds $69.00 to the system cost. You order it directly from http://www.trainingmask.com
  • Turbo Oxygen Reservoir Bags include one each of bag, Turbo Oxygen Mask, mask holder and connecting tube and are priced at $450 -$695 for the 500 and 900 liters versions. Each bag is designed for individuals that already own a 5 or 10 LPM oxygen generator. Each bag provides for up to 8 or more simultaneous users and 5 O2 machine inputs.


Turbo Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest is the perfect next step for you.
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