“Dr Craig” Oster
27 Year ALS Healing Journey & Life Vitae

“I am truly inspired by your conscious and courageous intention to take control of your life and the amazing results you have obtained. Your efforts are truly an important contribution to helping our society regain empowerment over their lives. The remarkable story you provide is a most important lesson that can help the public change their perception of being vulnerable and frail, a belief that has been programmed into their minds by the medical establishment. I am honored to be on your team and support your life-enhancing wisdom. As I go forward, I will help spread your personal story as part of the message I present around the world. With deepest appreciation and thankfulness, Bruce.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief

Excerpt from Bruce’s letter accepting Dr. Craig’s invitation to join THE HEALERS campaign advisory team

“…You are making history, Dr. Craig!”

–Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S., Advisor to Dr Craig & The Healers; New York Times Award Winning Author of 30 books on detox, health and healing

“…Dr. Craig is a hero in my eyes. I landed on his page right away when I first started researching my disease and he brought me my first flicker of hope. He planted that first seed in my brain that maybe, JUST MAYBE, ALS is survivable…..thank you, Dr. Craig, for all the work you do for ALS patients everywhere!”

–Rachel Danke-Rebman​, ALS survivor who reports improvements in symptoms after putting together her own holistic program after researching what others have done 


Life Vitae: Contents





Dr. Craig is grateful for the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world who have serious health problems, most commonly ALS, and to have his life used to inspire and give hope.

Includes: THE HEALERS blog, 60-member renowned advisory team, and top-notch health company sponsors.


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  • Oster, C. J., F. Pagnini (2012). Resentment, hate, and hope in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Frontiers in Psychology, 3:530 doi:10.3389 psyg.2012.00530.



  • Oster, C.J., & Pagnini, F. (2012 – present). Dietary beliefs and practices of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and the dietary recommendations received from medical professionals and ALS organizations. 2012, Dr. Oster and Dr. Pagnini collected data from 83 ALS subjects. Data collection was completed in 2012 and paper is to be written and submitted to appropriate peer reviewed scientific research journal.
  • Monsores, N., Oster, C., Pagnini, F., et al. (2013 – present, contingent on funding). Stress, trauma, and psychological factors in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: an epidemiological study of the Brazilian ALS population. Dr. Craig has connected with another ALS survivor, living in Brazil, who surveyed over 1,400 Brazilians with ALS regarding psychological trauma and intense distress prior to developing ALS. Survey results were consistent with Dr. Craig’s theory that psychological stress and trauma, in combination with environmental, genetic and other variables, play a significant role in the etiology of ALS. Dr Natan Monsores, an Associate Professor of Public Health at University of Brasília, invited Dr. Craig to partner with he and his associates in conducting a pioneering epidemiological scientific research study of people with ALS in Brazil. The Oster ALS Inventory is currently undergoing a process of transculturation at University of Brasilia.
  • Oster, C.J. (2009-2010). Patterns of disconnection in ALS. The HEALERS campaign ALS email research group. Preliminary investigation of theory that disconnected approaches to intra-psychic and interpersonal conflict/problems might be associated with greater disconnected physiological characteristics in ALS patients. Clear patterns emerged with significant disconnection in approaches to life in the ALS cases studied. Dr. Oster would like to follow up with a formal study, administering the Thematic Apperception Test to subjects with ALS via Skype. He hopes to publish an exploratory psychological factors study with Dr. Francesco Pagnini from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. Dr. Craig’s initial observations confirm those Dr. Gabor Mate writes about in his book, When the Body Says No.
  • Eulenberg, J.B. (1995-1997). The autonomous speech project. Michigan State University (MSU) Artificial Language Laboratory. Following his ALS diagnosis, and while completing his PhD in Clinical Psychology at MSU, Dr. Craig worked as a Research Associate for Dr. John Eulenberg, a Harvard-trained linguist and Director of MSU’s Artificial Language Laboratory. Anticipating that ALS might eventually rob Dr. Craig of speech, Dr. Eulenberg worked to record Dr. Craig’s voice – every possible sound and sound combination in the English language, along with a number of words and phrases – so that if Dr. Craig did lose his ability to speak, he could use a computer program that would communicate using his own voice. Dr. Eulenberg was motivated to initiate the Autonomous Speech Project because he had lost his own father to ALS.



Dr. Craig Oster is continually reaching out to media to share his inspirational healing journey story and THE HEALERS campaign mission. Dr. Craig is seeking a PR/Marketing sponsor to help promote THE HEALERS campaign and advance its scientific research and educational mission. Sponsors support a great cause and are recognized by a growing international audience. THE HEALERS campaign is also seeking Graphic design sponsorships. Please email drcraigoster@comcast.net if you, or someone you know, might be interested.

  • PBS’ A Wider World television series has filmed Dr. Craig and some of his campaign advisory team members. The first story (14.5 minutes) featuring Dr. Craig and THE HEALERS campaign aired during August of 2013. PBS was so impressed with Dr. Craig and THE HEALERS, they have decided to continue filming to produce a longer and more in depth follow up story!
  • Health Advocates Worldwide documentary producers traveled to Michigan in June 2013 to film Dr. Craig and inquire about what he believes has helped him do as well as he is. Scott Douglas and Patricia Tamowski are documentary film makers and are currently working on two documentaries: one on people who have reversed their Alzheimer’s and one on reversing ALS.
  • THE HEALERS Reality TV Series pitched to Hollywood (2011 – 2014, now on “back burner”): Hollywood Director/Producer Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr. worked with Dr. Craig on developing this series. The show, featuring a 21+ year ALS survivor living out significant mastery of a healthy and healing lifestyle, demonstrates what is possible and has been pitched to a number of major Hollywood studios.




  • Brown, A. (2012, January). Mind Over Body: MSU alumnus Craig Oster used the power of his mind to defy the odds of ALS. Ing Magazine (Michigan State University’s Campus Magazine), pp. 16-17.
  • WILX TV 10 News (2010, June). Dr. Craig Oster’s 2010 audition for a show on the Oprah Network.
  • WILX TV 10 News (2010, October). Lansing Man Battles Back (featuring Dr. Craig dancing with his girlfriend).
  • Oster, C. J. (2010, November, 20). How little Craigie became a Hercules: Transforming unspeakable sufferings into unspeakable gifts. CoSozo Magazine. Professor Thom Jayne stopped at health food store, picked up a copy of CoSozo Magazine featuring Dr. Craig on the front cover, and read Dr. Craig’s essay. 
  • WLNS TV 6 (2014, August). Local Doctor’s Personal Battle With ALS.



  • 2014 Platinum AVA Award for “Dr. Oster” documentary from PBS series, A Wider World (with about 600,000 viewers) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v63wOe5F2_c]
  • 2014 Platinum AVA Award for “Hope and Healing: In Face of the Unthinkable (Lou Gehrig’s)”, with Zach Jarou as Executive Producer and Dr. Craig Oster as Associate Producer [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdCZC_RkMlo].
  • 2014 Platinum AVA Award for “Craig Oster Tribute”, produced by Health Advocates Worldwide for the 2013 People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards at City University of New York [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sjix3mQ6nI].
  • 2014 Bronze Telly Award for “Dr. Oster” documentary from PBS series, A Wider World (with about 600,000 viewers) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v63wOe5F2_c&index=8&list=PL_n4B7TlS8Ma3R1JsHCygj9HnSQEcUw_H]
  • 2014 Silver Telly Award for “Hope and Healing: In Face of the Unthinkable (Lou Gehrig’s)”, with Zach Jarou as Executive Producer and Dr. Craig Oster as Associate Producer [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdCZC_RkMlo].
  • 2009 Bronze Telly Award for “Grateful to be Here” documentary by Emmy award-winning producer, with Dr. Craig Oster as Writer [http://vimeo.com/10184943].
  • 2009 Gold AVA Award for “Grateful to be Here” video by Emmy award-winning producer, with Dr. Craig Oster as Writer [http://vimeo.com/10184943].
  • Dr. Craig was honored with the People of Distinction “Unsung Hero” Humanitarian Award at City University of New York on November 8th, 2013, with 10 other inspirational figures from around the United States. http://peopleofdistinction.org/



  • Dr. Craig works out weekly and has gained muscle.
  • Dr. Craig, Honorary Black Belt (2013): Lao Shir Cynthia “Cindy” Ming presented Dr. Craig with an Honorary Black Belt for his fiercely disciplined approach to combating ALS for over two decades. Dr. Craig is humbled by this honor of association.



Dr. Craig communicates with his advisors via email and a growing number of conference calls. It takes Dr. Craig a half-hour or more to type what someone else can accomplish in five minutes. Dr. Craig has learned to tolerate the frustrations of his physical limitations and keeps surrendering to relentlessly doing everything he can to further THE HEALERS campaign mission. Some of partnerships between Dr. Craig and THE HEALERS include:

  • Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN, is providing Dr. Craig with personalized nutritional consulting, including very sophisticated laboratory testing and supplements, to optimize his health. Coco has helped Dr. Craig to optimize his health, and has encouraged him in his Citizen-Leader role to change the world through THE HEALERS campaign. Coco co-founded and served on the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Nutrition Advisory Board from 2007-2011. In 2010, Coco co-founded the University of Kansas’ (UK) Nutrition Fellowship Program (collaboration across the Integrative Medicine and Dietetics & Nutrition departments). And in 2010, she co-founded the Michigan Nutrition Association, which worked to attain fair licensing laws that do not discriminate against nutrition practitioners.
  • Dr. David W. Regiani, BS, DDS, MIAOMT, is working to address Dr. Craig’s dental issues from a holistic perspective, in an effort to improve his neurological condition. Dr. Regiani is working with Ann Heusted, RN, in treating Dr. Craig utilizing state-of-the-art electro-dermal screening, and documenting changes, prior to doing dental work. Dr. Regiani is a founding member, past president, and master of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. As a founding member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Dr. Regiani has spent three decades helping other health care professionals understand the oral-systemic connection.
  • Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman conducted laboratory analyses for Dr. Craig, and strongly encouraged him to pursue investigating the relationship between dental issues and neurological issues. This is what inspired Dr. Craig to contact Dr. Regiani (mentioned above). Dr. Gittleman has been featured on 20/20, Dr. Phil, The View, Good Morning America, Extra!, and The Early Show. Additionally, her work has been featured on CNN, PBS, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBN, Fox News, and the BBC.



  • Dr. Craig worked with Solomon Wickey, Amish healer and Master Herbalist. Approximately 180 of Dr. Craig’s 200 trips to see Solomon Wickey were consecutive monthly visits, many of which involved 15-hour round trips when Solomon lived in the secluded ridges by the Ohio River near the Kentucky border, before he moved north to Auburn, Indiana. Dr. Craig’s work with Solomon deepened his faith and, like his work with a shaman, helped him believe that his destiny involves healing from ALS and helping others. Dr. Craig is eternally grateful for the role that Solomon has played in his survival and vision of hope for healing.
  • Dr. Craig attends 2-hour Bikram “hot yoga” (105 – 110* F) posture clinic (December, 2010): This accomplishment was cause for great celebration. Two years earlier, Dr. Oster had struggled to breathe in heat exceeding 72 degrees.
  • Dr. Craig enters hospice (late 2008); “graduates” from hospice (May 2009): After losing 45 pounds of muscle, requiring a breathing machine to make it through the night, and with the hospice doctor recommending morphine to lessen his sense of suffocation, Dr. Craig and his family/friends discussed his pending death, including a memorial service. Digging deeply and praying earnestly, with an undeterred spirit, he gave everything to continuing his holistic healing quest. Dr. Craig was discharged from hospice on May 30th, 2009. Dr. Craig and his analyst believe that his psychological and spiritual work and discoveries played a significant role in his being discharged from hospice. Dr. Craig is on a mission to demonstrate as much wellness as possible and to inspire people to approach whatever hand they may have been dealt in life in the most constructive manner possible.
  • Craig Oster, LLP (2005): Dr. Craig earned permanent licensure as a Limited Licensed Psychologist, a major victory, and a lifetime dream, for which he fought and achieved. Dr. Craig fulfilled the American Psychology Association’s 2,000 hour required clinical internship, traveling to Oakland University every week, and completed his dissertation, Wish-Fulfillment in Dreams, Individual Spontaneous Waking Enactments, and Group Spontaneous Waking Enactments: Implications for Freudian Theory, after developing ALS.
  • Dr. Craig, Level II Reiki Healing Practitioner: Several years after his ALS diagnosis, Dr. Craig studied Reiki, achieved Level II, and began offering Reiki healing sessions to others.
  • Dr. Craig, Shamanic Healing Work (1997-2002): Dr. Craig worked closely with a Lakota-trained shaman and his apprentice who volunteered their time, believing that it was Dr. Craig’s destiny to heal and be a powerful teacher, healer and leader. Dr. Craig spent five years walking the Native American healing path, including a 24-hour vision quest, keeping the vision of his destiny alive deep in his heart and mind. He believes that keeping the vision alive helped him “graduate” from hospice in 2009, DRIVEN by immense purpose of surviving to help others.
  • Dr. Craig in Analysis and Analytic Psychotherapy (1999 – 2019): After his ALS diagnosis, Dr. Craig completed five years of psychoanalysis, followed by 13 years of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and dream analysis with a Past-President of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council (MPC). His analyst traveled to Dr. Craig, accepted Medicare, and helped Dr. Craig to locate co-pay resources. Dr. Craig is determined to conduct groundbreaking research on psychological factors contributing to ALS, so that everything he has endured will help others with ALS.



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  • Life Ionizers
  • Intellipure
  • Rifton
  • Turbo Oxygen
  • Bioage
  • Tribest
  • TechSmith
  • Dr. Jay Sandweiss
  • Barlow Herbal
  • Power Organics


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Dr. Craig currently conducts all of his ALS scientific research and inspirational work free of charge, and relies on donations to pay for his substantial care and health expenses. Your contributions to The Craig Oster Trust support Dr. Craig’s caregiver and health needs.

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