Dr Craig Opinion Letter to a Person with ALS, Regarding Consuming Sugar

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Letter from Dr Craig to a person with ALS:

I am so glad that you contacted me. I did some research on Juven, which your dear friend told me that you were taking, and in my opinion it is a horrible and disgusting product that should never be taken by anyone with ALS. I am not a medical professional and not a licensed dietary professional, so I am only offering my opinion and this should not be taken as me giving professional advice. Please remember that with everything I tell you. Here are the ingredients in Juven: [http://abbottnutrition.com/Products/Juven].

The product contains aspartame, which is bad news for the nervous system and is toxic! Do your own research on the internet and you may find yourself asking your wife to pour it down the toilet. I would never touch it. Juven is made by Abbott Laboratories, who makes the junk food Ensure beverage, which is loaded with sugar and also has glutamate in some of its ingredients.

Juven also contains sucralose which I believe is toxic and doesn’t have enough research to show it is safe for ongoing human consumption. My healing program has been about avoiding putting chemicals in my body, and I believe that is one reason for me doing as well as I am 18 years after diagnosis.

Juven is loaded with sugar which I am convinced is destructive for people with ALS. The ALS Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association both educate people that it is okay to consume sugar to maintain weight. As you know, weight maintenance is associated with greater longevity in people with ALS; however, there are healthy nutrient dense strategies to maintaining weight that do not involve consuming sugar.

When former NFL player Steve Smith contacted me for help, he had been taking Abbott Laboratories Pulmocare which I discovered contains sugar and glutamate. His beloved dear wife, Chie, upon the advice of  my advisor Coco Newton, decided to contact another one of my advisors, Robin Gentry McGee, for help with a whole food formula. Chie has reported that Steve looks and feels better. Chie finds the results of using food as medicine in ALS to be remarkable. I believe that Robin could teach your wife how to make a formula or you could get one from Robin.

I would expect that you would feel better on a high alkaline whole foods diet. Right now you are pouring sugar in your body and making it acidic. The body doesn’t regenerate in an acidic environment. If you want a strong healing game, you must make your body alkaline. I ask that you write me a brief letter of your improvements in wellness after being on a high alkaline whole foods diet. I would like to publish that letter on THE HEALERS website to inspire others. I need your help with my holistic educational ALS campaign. I want people with ALS to have what power they may have. People should know this stuff! I am scheduled to submit my first ALS scientific research article this weekend, “Resentment, Hate and Hope in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.” I would appreciate your support of my research and educational campaign named THE HEALERS.

There are other strong reasons why people with ALS should not consume sugar. ALS is known to involve mitochondria dysfunction, and sugar is the last thing you want in your system. You must maintain your weight but why not do it in the most intelligent fashion, because this is your life and if you love like me then you will commit to having the edge on every level of health. I’m that way with everything. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe that they all factor in, and I work hard to achieve mastery the best I can on all levels. Those topics will have to wait for later.

In closing, you may want to read my fact based article on Natural News. There is a much deeper story to be published and research to be done.


Dr Craig

Craig Oster, Ph.D.

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4 Comments to “Dr Craig Opinion Letter to a Person with ALS, Regarding Consuming Sugar”

  1. Sandy Simon says:

    Very well said Craig. You are an example of true health. I just hope people around the world see this and wake up!

  2. Jenny Blakley says:

    Been telling people for years that artificial sweetners are toxic. I’m sure someday the truth will be well known but for now people are making too much money on the stuff. Drug companies are the same. We are all just cash cows. very sad…

  3. What are your thoughts about stevia in regards to a diet for a patient with ALS?

    • Dr. Craig says:

      I use stevia and I have never heard of someone with ALS having a negative reaction. I only use a minimum amount. You may want to do your own research.

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