Dr Craig’s Letter to Detroit Free Press Medical Writer

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Dear Robin,

Thank you for your excellent article. I have great respect for Dr Feldman’s dedicated work. I have a fascinating story that I would like to offer you as an 18 year survivor of ALS. I was diagnosed with ALS on August 16, 1994 by Dr Eva Feldman and her team at the University of Michigan ALS clinic. Her team members told me to not focus on cases of remission or reversal that are in the medical literature because they did not want me to have false hopes. Their nurse at the time told me that they would help me die comfortably, to not get my hopes up regarding finishing my Ph.D. in clinical psychology over the next two years, and that the good news was that I would get to eat ice cream shakes to maintain my weight.  I was grateful for their kindness, yet I had other ideas in mind and I decided to blaze my own trail and never returned after my second visit.  My condition had been deteriorating at a rapid rate, yet I worked with my integrative medicine doctor and found other healers who have helped people with ALS.  I also studied people with ALS who had done well.

My story is worthy of a Hollywood movie and I do believe that will become a reality; however, for the sake of my introductory letter to you, I will do my best to keep my story brief.  Despite two periods of miraculous strengthening which were not maintained, I ended up in hospice nearly four years ago and required breathing machines to make it through the night, with the hospice doctor prescribing morphine.  I ended up successfully being discharged from hospice over three years ago.  The fight was brutal and the world could only imagine what I went through with daily suffocation.  Part of what helped me fiercely fight to heal was my vision of healing and using everything I have learned to help millions.  I type with one finger on a mouse and I kept showing up every waking hour clicking my mouse to get support for my dream, even when my 24/7 caregiving staff is feeding me, shaving me, brushing my teeth, and so on.  As you probably know, it can be hard to break through with people in power, but I was determined to never give up even though I was living in a physical hell.

Flash forward to the present day, without all of the grueling and inspiring story, I am now leading a national holistic health campaign called THE HEALERS.  I have a historic team of almost sixty renowned advisors on my team including Dr Hyla Cass who is a regular guest expert on the Dr Oz show, pioneering stem cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Roger Newton the co-inventor of Lipitor, world leading integrative oncologists, Dr Ann Louise Gittleman, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Bernie Siegel, and many more including advisors from India, Australia, Italy and Germany [http://healingwithdrcraig.com/participants/advisor-profiles/].  On September 15th, Dr Francesco Pagnini and I will be submitting THE HEALERS campaign’s first ALS scientific research study to a peer reviewed scientific journal.

PBS is currently working on an episode that will feature the story of Dr Craig and THE HEALERS campaign.  Hollywood producers have filmed a pilot episode of my THE HEALERS television series and will be pitching it to major Hollywood studios within the next month and are extremely optimistic.  My future ALS research will include studying dietary factors in ALS.  I believe that my dietary research will show the greatest treatment effects of any ALS treatment ever yet conducted.  There is a strong scientific basis for believing that the high sugar diet recommended by the ALS industry as a strategy for weight maintenance is deleterious to health for ALS patients.  I have written a popular article about it [http://www.naturalnews.com/032380_Lou_Gehrigs_disease_sugar.html], but did not include the fact that ALS is associated with mitochondria dysfunction and on that basis a high sugar diet doesn’t make sense.  My historic team of integrative medical doctors and scientists have joined me because what I am saying makes sense to them, including Dr Roger Newton the co-inventor of Lipitor and his wife Coco Newton who is a board certified clinical nutritionist who has served on advisory boards for Governor Granholm and Governor Snyder.

There is so much more that I would like to tell you, but I will wait for your reply.

Gratefully yours,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, Ph.D.

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