Dr Craig’s Open Letter to Steve Gleason, former NFL Player and ALS Survivor

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Dear Steve Gleason,

I have reached out to you several times in the past but have never heard back.  I have decided to write you again because I was touched by the recent story about you on HBO.  If you go to my website, you will see that I have assembled an amazing team of sixty integrative medicine doctors, healers, and scientists.  We will soon be publishing our first scientific research study.  We are not working on a cure, but we are working on a very neglected area, namely how to be as well as possible with ALS.

Researchers know that ALS involves mitochondria dysfunction and that inflammation is harmful in ALS.  There are more reasons for people with ALS to abstain from eating any sugar or starches, but based upon what is known about the relationship between sugar and the above variables, ALS organizations ought to promote a low glycemic diet for people with ALS.  However, they continue to tell people with ALS to eat whatever they want.  Because people with ALS follow these so called “scientific” organizations advice with faith, I have no other choice but to demonstrate this commonsense through scientific research.

I helped my friend, former NFL player Steve Smith, switch his diet from a sugar containing formula to a whole food formula.  You may speak with he and his wife, Chie, about the positive results. My new television series, THE HEALERS, is nearing the end of post-production and I am fairly confident that we will have multiple offers from networks within three weeks, God willing.  Whoever buys my show will have the power regarding content, however, if you were interested in having my team help you with your holistic lifestyle that might be a beautiful win-win for everyone.  I would imagine that any producer would see the value of featuring you on my television series, but I can’t know that for sure.

God willing, your health program would become stronger, and together we can teach the world about the value of excellent self-care and how it doesn’t make any sense to throw that out just because someone has a serious neurological disease.  In my view, when people are ill the need for optimum self-care is paramount.  This is not being practiced and no one is talking about it other than me, pertaining to ALS.  God willing, I will soon have a stage to reach at least a million people.  Even if you are not interested in partnering with me to help others, I would enjoy having a brief introductory connection from you.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig, 18 year ALS survivor

Craig Oster, Ph.D.

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  1. Marty Murray says:

    I too reached out to Steve Gleason.

    Among other things, I emailed his team and heard back once or twice, years ago.

    I later found out that he is a little into meditation and related things.

    Since then I have sent them loads of information on how to solve als along with detailed accounts written by people who have done just that.

    All the same, rather than find out how to heal, he has spent time hanging out with Jay Rink kayaking and doing other things that while positive in some ways are not going to get him healthy.

    Steve Gleason has started a foundation and gotten himself into the public eye with his involvement with als research and awareness raising. While his positive attitude has been inspiring for many, it’s time he start to set an even better example by actually looking into things he could be doing to get healthier now.

    The real cure for als is information and the real path to health for Steve Gleason and all he seeks to help is to learn to heal themselves.

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