Some Basic Objections to ALS Association & Muscular Dystrophy Association High Sugar Dietary Recommendation for ALS

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THE HEALERS campaign scientific research on ALS is in large part based upon the awareness of mitochondria dysfunction in ALS. I pray to God to help me discover a way to get into the national media THE HEALERS campaign to wake people up to the destructiveness of the ALS Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association recommending that ALS patients consume a high sugar diet to maintain weight as opposed to my approach.

My approach is to maintain weight with an intensely nutrient dense and low-glycemic diet, and to have a body that is in a detoxified state. Many people in the ALS community and ALS industry condemn the promotion of a lifestyle for ALS that practiced in highly regarded healing centers, like those of my advisors Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Robert Young, Dr Brian Clement, and others, as the ideas of a scammer.

The dietary recommendations of the ALS organizations do not make sense in multiple ways. Inflammatory processes are thought by ALS researchers to be detrimental to people with ALS, so it would be logical to recommend feeding nutrient dense calories as opposed to sugar! Because ALS has been shown to involve mitochondria dysfunction, it would be logical to recommend nutrient dense calories as opposed to a high sugar diet. I believe that this is worthy of a national story, yet none shown interest. What to do? Get my own break away hit THE HEALERS television series!

I will end with a message of support that I have just received from a Paul Reynolds regarding these issues:

“Paul wrote: “Hello Dr. Craig..some may never get it, but trust that that the integrity, authenticity and common sense that is represented by your story, your research and personal experience and presence will resonate with inquisitive, open-minded folks everywhere, if they are simply exposed to it! All the best in gaining a broad platform to get the story out there, to provide a bit of hope to some whose hope may be fading day-to-day in their courageous struggle with such an extremely difficult condition. Bravo!”

Paul, I believe in your vision. God willing, THE HEALERS campaign efforts will positively influence the lives of great numbers of people.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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