6 Strategies to Find Fulfillment with ALS or ANY Challenge!

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By Dr Craig

I have used the “lemon” of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) to create some delicious “lemonade of hope, inspiration, education and pioneering holistic ALS scientific research.” The lemonade is 18 years in time, in the making. My THE HEALERS campaign and television series appear to be on their way to touching millions of lives; I am so fortunate to have my life used for such great good.

This is not a coincidence; rather, it is demonstration of the development increasing mastery of surrender to effective life strategies. Metaphorically speaking, lemonade represents meaning and purpose along with the joy of knowing that you are using your life challenges in the service of good.

There are infinite number of possibilities regarding how this may appear. Given the way my personality is configured, I naturally strived towards the biggest meaningful way that I could imagine enjoying using to make the ALS a most clearly spectacular gift in serving humanity. The challenging reality that is facing you, regardless of the severity, can be seen in way in which it perceived of as a gift. Below, are several of the strategies that I have helpful.

1. Identify your own vision and narrative regarding how your serious challenge will be used for a greater good. From the beginning, my vision was that I would heal ALS holistically and inspire people. When I was in hospice at my worst and thinking that my life on Earth might be finished within weeks, because I will not use life support in my healing journey, my vision was temporarily modified to dying in the most conscious and inspiring manner. You have make adjustments to your vision at times, but always make the story about your purpose with your challenge deeply meaningful and compelling. For me, it is serving God=Love in the grandest way that I can imagine, because I believe that I am here to serve with the gift of life. This personality thrives on positively touching great numbers; that is just part of my personality profile. You must identify the most compellingly meaningful purpose that really feels good in your heart, and simply make a decision that will change your life in beautiful ways. It is a commitment to the lifestyle of the heroic healing warrior. I invite you to join me in this lifestyle of intense commitment to wellness on all levels, including the enjoyment of positively touching community. Ask your heart and then commit to it with surrender; there is no weaseling out when you are in the arena of holistic healing warriors. If it within your power for wellness on any level, you do it. I call it honoring life and I would not want to live in any other way. Also, share as much love as possible in your lifetime. It IS ALL ABOUT THE LOVE!

2. Pray about it with earnestness, keeping your eyes open for signs of highest possible ways to use your challenge for good, always.

3. Remember (if you agree with me) that we are all here on Earth to serve God=Love, and that your challenge, if used for that purpose, will bring you the deep fulfillment of service.

4. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself regarding your thinking about your challenge. Is it true that your situation should not be as it is? Remember, oftentimes, there is another way of thinking about and conceptualization of your challenges that is equally true or truer and which would result in greater peace and happiness for you. What good reason, in your best interest, do you have in this moment for not fiercely committing to a lifestyle of dedication to truth and peace?

5. See the perfection. I came to believe in the perfection of life, during my early metaphysical studies with A Course in Miracles and elsewhere. As a Sufi, I believe that everything is perfect in this moment, including my yearning to see flags of justice EVERYWHERE. I wish for peace for EVERYONE. If you realize that this moment is perfect, you can still pursue justice with all of your heart, now and forever! You will be more peaceful. Face the reality that life unfolds as it does, and the bottom line in my opinion ought to be having the most loving influence in the world. Let’s do it!

6. Become a master of identification of needs and of problem solving regarding your needs. Needs are universal, and ignoring or denying them will only hurt you. This is a critical topic, about which there is much confusion. An important mentor who I have never met, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, taught me the importance of accurately distinguishing between needs and strategies for fulfilling needs. We are wasting away our time if we are in despair regarding not being able to physically do this or that, or if we are in despair regarding not being able to get so and so to behave in a particular manner. When the underlying needs are identified, strategies may be cultivated. If an extreme situation has you severely limited in meeting a need in a way that you like, I recommend that you focus on meeting the need in the best way you can and to find a gift in the situation. For example, I have chosen to capitalize on my limited physical ability by spending more time in practice to live deeper and deeper in my heart. I do extra heart work. I do workout three times weekly at the gym. My point is to commit to a lifestyle of awareness of your needs on all levels. Most people could seriously use some education regarding negotiating needs within themselves and with the rest of the world. There is an epidemic of this self defeating behavior and I pray that more people will join me in continually striving to behave in the most connected way with the needs of ourselves and the world. When we are skilled at getting to the real needs in a situation, we can share our empathy regarding what it would be like to be in their situation with their needs. We give ourselves empathy as well, for our needs, and we take responsibility to help them connect with our needs, nonviolence strongly preferred. Fulfill needs in win/win ways, with commitment and passion.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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