Going Beyond All That I Have Been, Walking The Sufi Way

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By Dr Craig

“Go beyond all that you have been.”
– Shaykh Sidi Muhammad, my Islamic Sufi Spiritual Guide


My beloved Sidi is pictured here during a meeting with the Pope

 A Sufi desires, above all else, to know Allah. The Sufi path involves a commitment to remembering the name of Allah in one’s heart as much as is humanly possible. This commitment requires going beyond all that one has been, and the most advanced on the path are blessed enough to realize that who they thought they were is really nothing. This is because of the level of surrender to God in the heart that occurs. Only Allah knows to what extent that this will occur in the lifetime of Dr Craig Sa’id Oster.

Whether one is in psychotherapy, on a Sufi path or on another path of healing to become a vehicle of greater expression of God’s Love, some level of resistance to doing so is usually present. This is a humbling. The Sufi path offers a solution which I have found to lead me to experience greater peace and love. By remembering the name of Allah in my heart in response to any situation, I find that situations tend to heal more quickly and that pain in my inner reality is transformed more easily.

Sufi practice in my experience involves seeing everybody as being on the path that is perfect for them at this moment. I am grateful that I have been put on a path that prescribes always living awake in the heart remembering the name of Allah. The path involves surrendering to walking with mercy toward others and oneself.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be walking the Sufi path in hand with Shaykh Sidi Muhammad. My time with him in person and on the phone was beautiful. He is about the 40th shaykh in a lineage that goes all the way back to the man who held the hand of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Shadalhi Islamic Sufi lineage understands the Holy Quran in deep metaphysical way, a path of Peace and Love. Prior to making a commitment to the Sufi path with Shaykh Sidi Muhammad, I had come to accept the Abrahamic God of the Holy Bible through metaphysical interpretations.

My Sufi Walking has accelerated my depth of awareness of God in my heart, and leading me to greater Peace and Love. I am so blessed, and I am not only burning veils of pain and illusion in my heart, but the path is strengthening me physically and guiding me with an opening heart. It is possible to live in the heart and as the heart is broken open more to create a greater experience of Love, life becomes more wonderful. God is Love.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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  1. Selma says:

    Nice Dr, Craig!- I love learning from all holy people. I am a christian ,but I like learning from truly holy people of all faiths. I feel at the root -we are all talking about the same thing and the same language.

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