Ann Heusted, RN

Ann Heusted, R.N.

“People of all ages will have the choice to live each day to their fullest potential for a long healthy life” has been my Vision Statement since 1976.  My Mission is to, “Compassionately educate people: 1). To be aware of their personal health status, and; 2). In the care and feeding of their unique body, soul and spirit.  Thus, empowering people to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors, as we work together to build a healthier community.”  I have worked as a Certified Cardiac Care Nurse, a Primary Nurse for Skilled Nursing Home Care, a Hospice Nurse, a Clinical Liaison for Hospice, a Certified Parish Nurse and a Certified Lifestyle Educator teaching at every opportunity.  Simultaneously, I studied with and was protégé of a Naturopathic Physician for 13 years and founded Nutritional Guidance Service in 1990.  In 2005, I was able to leave the bedside to pursue my mission full-time in The Downing Clinic of Clarkston were I serve people by determining their personal health status with Electrodermal Screening and guiding them to live healthier.  Since 2010 I have coached people a few days a month in a First Line Therapy therapeutic lifestyle change program, as a Certified Lifestyle Educator.  Recently, I have expanded my mission to empowering other professionals in the Michigan Holistic Nurses Association where I am Publicity Chair.