Chris Sovey, DPT, RN, BSN

Chris Sovey is the founder of He is a Registered Nurse, with extensive background in natural treatment approaches to chronic depressive disorders. Within his practice as a medical professional, Chris noticed a lack of interaction between disciplines in the delivery of quality, health / wellness – based consumer information, and a certain degree of close-mindedness within the traditional medical system. Over time, Chris became increasingly interested in the formation of a website that would serve as a single point of information to deliver a variety of approaches to enhance health & wellness through various means.



Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing: Michigan State University; Class of 2009, Graduated with honors.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy: Andrews University; Expected graduation date: August 2013


Member, American Society for Nutrition –

Member, American Physical Therapy Association –


Robert Scott Bell, Health Freedom Radio Broadcaster

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

John Robbins, Author of “The Food Revolution”

Victoria Boutenko, Author of “Green for Life”