Robin Gentry McGee, CHHP, AADP

Robin’s background includes her own profound nutritional healing journey with breast cancer. Honoring her intuition, choosing to not buy into the only modality that western medicine offered, she blazed her own trail, successfully healing herself, much to the amazement of her western doctors. Her journey also includes a life changing experience with her father’s traumatic brain injury. When western medicine had given no hope of ever moving out of his comatose state, she was able to successfully achieve the supposedly impossible through integrative medicine and whole foods nutrition. Robin is a chef specializing in whole food nutrition; a graduate of New York City based Integrative Nutrition Institute, Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods Program, Dr. James Gordon’s Food as Medicine Program and Dr. Neal Barnard’s Food for Life Cancer Project Training Program. Robin is founder of Functional Formularies™, a line of medicinal foods which includes “Liquid Hope,” an enteral formula which she created for her father. She most recently authored her first book, “A Turn for the Worst, Traumatic Brain injury and a Daughter’s Search for Answers.”