H.L. “Sam” Queen, D.Sc. (hon.), MT(ASCP), M.A., B.A., C.N.S., C.C.N.

Sam is the founder and Director of Research for the Institute for Health Realities, Colorado Springs; and founder of Designed2Win, Celebration, FL.

Sam, through his work as an investigative medical researcher, certified nutrition specialist, and registered medical laboratory technologist, and with 30 years as research consultant to H.B. Wallace and the Wallace Research Foundation – which provided research grants annually toward gaining answers to applied health – has developed the first objectively measured Human Health Model. Based on this model of health involving seven subclinical health markers of homeostasis, he has developed a highly effective means of helping doctors get at the underlying cause of disease while assisting people to reach the highest levels of health possible for them. His personal mission is to uncover as many truths about health as possible and, through proper application of these findings, Designed2Win assist individuals everywhere in attaining the energy and enthusiasm they require to go about doing their life’s purposes.

To teach doctors in the best manner to interpret chemistry in accordance to a health model rather than the traditional disease model,and to demonstrate why supporting the body is a better strategy for lasting health than the current strategy of dictating with a prescription pad Sam has now launched a new company, Designed2Win, Inc.

Background and Accomplishments

In 1988 Sam became the first to connect low cholesterol with increased susceptibility to mercury exposure, developed in 1989 the Toxic Footprint System for identifying various toxin groups in the blood, and in 1990 he extended the recognition of a health risk from low cholesterol to cancer.

Sam is a highly sought after lecturer in the health arena. He is the author of 3 audio albums, editor of Health Realities Journal®, and author of six books, including the first medical reference book on Chronic Mercury Toxicity and Intravenous Vitamin C. His book for the general public, Your Personal Health Guide, is now in its third printing.

As a result of Sam’s breadth of interest in many areas of health, people from all over the world seek him out for his expertise. Dr. James Gordon, while serving as Chairman of President Clinton’s Committee on Alternative Medicine, asked Sam to be one of ten health care practitioners to head his effort to develop and reintroduce a nutrition curricula in U.S. medical schools. Baptist missionaries working with the Paraguayan government arranged to have Sam teach his concepts to the doctors and hospital staff of the major hospital in their capital city, Asunción.

Sam has been a guest on radio talk shows all over America, and was referred to by one of the hosts as “America’s Health Coach.” People love Sam’s caring attitude and his straight-­‐forward, no-­‐nonsense approach.

Currently, Sam is authoring a book on human nutrition that will be directed at the general public. His dream – already under construction – is to put together the most sophisticated computer-­‐assisted interpretation of chemistry relative to the health model. The purpose is to make available a tailored health program for all those who desire the highest level of health possible.