Zoran Hochstatter

Zoran became a leading expert on healing with Bioenergy through association with and through teachings of Zdenko Domancic, the preeminent energy healer in Europe.

In 2004 Zoran co-created, with Stephanie Cote, a documentary film, “Think About It,” describing a different approach in thinking about health and healthcare. Focusing on a solution, rather than a problem, the film created a strong positive reaction on several European national TV stations and, through satellite distribution and presence on the Internet, stirred an incredible interest in energy modalities worldwide.

Through the making of “Think About It” and because of knowledge gained through intense learning about Bioenergy, and the teachings of Master Domancic, Zoran’s life changed from being an award winning and critically acclaimed cinematographer to a renowned energy healer.

Zoran is the only officially recognized teacher of the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy in the US, UK, Canada and other English speaking countries. He is also the author of “Three Chairs,” a book of short essays on Bioenergy healing.

In 2008 Zoran organized “Bioenergy Life Project” group healing events in Los Angeles, New York, and Sarasota to document the results of the Domancic Method on patients with a variety of “incurable” health issues, concentrating on MS, Parkinson’s and stroke victims. His “Bioenergy Life Center” in Sarasota, FL, was established in 2010 and offers the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy on an individual basis, in a group and at a distance.

Zoran spends most of his time in Florida and in Europe, practicing daily to help people restore their well-being. He travels extensively, teaching all three levels of the method, helping others to regain responsibility for their health and to affect their future with their own hands.

“The only important things are results. The “why,” “how,” and “where” is for science to explain and one day they will certainly understand it.” -Zdenko Domancic