18 year ALS survivor, Dr Craig Oster, submits first ALS scientific study for peer review, and is invited to be a co-investigator on a Harvard University ALS research study…

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Dear Scott Allen,

As a medical writer for the Boston Globe, you may be interested in my ALS scientific research collaboration with Dr Francesco Pagnini, an ALS research scientist from Milan, Italy.  We have submitted our first of two scientific research papers, based on data collected from 83 ALS subjects.  Dr Pagnini is guessing that our study may be through the review process within a few weeks.

I would like to give you the opportunity to break this fascinating story which involves groundbreaking research in the psychology of ALS, the collaboration of an 18 year ALS survivor dedicated to integrative medicine and an Italian ALS research scientist, and my mission with THE HEALERS campaign and my nearly 60 integrative medicine doctors, healers and scientists.  Dr Pagnini is so well respected that he was invited by Harvard University Psychology Department to travel to the United States and set himself up as a visiting researcher at Harvard with a world renowned research scientist at her research laboratory.  Shortly after his arrival in the states, Dr Pagnini arranged with Harvard University that I be invited as a co-investigator on a Harvard University ALS research study, on the condition that I completed an online course in the ethics of research with human subjects and receive official certification.  I have met the requirement.

I am giving you enough lead time that you could be the one to break what I believe is a very remarkable story.  On top of all of the above, Hollywood producers came to Michigan in May and filmed for my THE HEALERS television series.  Currently, my producer is in Hollywood working with a rather famous agent who is developing a game plan for THE HEALERS.  I will also be reaching out to several other major publications’ health/medical writers around the nation, because of the short window of time before my scientific research collaboration is published.  Please write me as soon as possible if you are interested in my story.  I will be publishing my own article on Natural News after my research is published.


Dr Craig  

Craig Oster, PhD

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