A Tribute to One of World’s Most Heroic Mother’s: Bonnie Conn-Oster, Dr. Craig’s Mother

Craig with Mom at early benefit

My name is Dr Craig Oster and I am writing this Living Tribute to My Mother. Bonnie Conn-Oster is a dedicated and humble Mother of three, who has taken heroic and courageous efforts which have helped her son survive and thrive 19 years after being given the death sentence diagnosis of ALS. Bonnie is a powerful example of one of the most important kinds of Unsung Heroes in the world—the Altruistic Mother. For years, I watched my Mother work about 60 hours every week in significant pain as a waitress while caregiving and helping me for over another 30 hours each week. Bonnie made the survival of her son to be her chief mission, as she would have done for any of her children. Before my illness, Bonnie showed the same dedication with her Mother who was dying of cancer for several years.


My Mother holding me during my first year of life.

Bonnie’s Mother willed her devoted daughter several hundred thousand dollars, yet my Mother kept her work schedule and caregiving schedule and spent all of the inheritance to help me live and survive. She did buy herself a nice mattress and bed, but that was about it. When my Mother had a dislocated hip and a separated shoulder and her inheritance had been used up helping me survive, she was unable to even take a couple of days off from waitressing because she would not be able to pay her medical bills, which included payment for the skin cancer surgery.

My heart broke, knowing that my Mother would have been able to take care of herself if she had not given EVERYTHING for my survival, as I watched her cancer spread because she had to wait to make enough money before she could have the surgery. I have sobbed in the most intense and overwhelming anguish—combined with enormous gratitude—many times, about my inability to help my suffering Mother who was giving EVERYTHING to help me.

Bonnie persevered to eliminate the skin cancer without taking a break from my care. I believe that my Mother’s love and unfathomable heroic efforts have been instrumental in my remarkable healing. I believe that God put something special in my Mother’s heart to make her capable of such extraordinary unconditional love, and my passionate prayer was for God to raise me up to a point where I would be able to take care of myself and support my Mother who had sacrificed everything for my healing.

The extremely stressful lifestyle, smoking and a poor diet had my Mother eventually develop aggressive stage 4 cancer which was crushing her heart, throat, and spine… The doctors said that her survival was impossible. Bonnie was getting repeated blood transfusions and all of her veins were popping out. She had lived and breathed for helping me, her only son, yet was not even able to talk to me for 1 minute on the phone for quite some time. Doctors said that she would be likely dead within days. Bonnie reached a point during which she was barely hanging on and she contemplated giving up.

Dr Bernie Siegel, advisor to THE HEALERS, who called my Mother.

I coached my Mother (68 years-old) during one to three minute phone calls, once shouting that the doctors’ prognoses were “Bullshit!!!!!!”, passionately reminding her of everything she had learned during my healing journey. I had my advisor the legendary Dr Bernie Siegel call and speak with Bonnie when she was more stable, and sometimes I called to play songs—with the volume cranked up—from my Mother’s favorite rock and roll group Dr Hook & The Medicine Show while shouting with enthusiasm about life! God had used my Mother to help save my life, and I prayed to be allowed to help my Mother live and heal. My sister fought with fierce assertiveness to get our mother moved from a hospital that was making mistakes in her care.


Dr Hook & The Medicine Show, my Mother’s favorite rock & roll band.

To make a long story short, my Mother has been cancer free for about a half a year! Bonnie has been following all of her son’s suggestions regarding diet and a holistic approach to remaining cancer free and reversing the damage that has contributed to some disability. She was made the cancer survivor spokesperson for the hospital, yet has not been able to get them to modify their practice of feeding cancer by encouraging all of the cancer patients to bring in donuts and other sugary items. My Mother understands that the condition of cancer is an acidic condition, and that sugar feeds cancer.

My campaign advisor, Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN who was inspired by Bonnie, also was valuable to her recovery in many ways. Bonnie has inspired so many people who have come into her life through my healing journey, which is what it is because of her heroic efforts, yet my Mother doesn’t see it that way. She just sees herself as having done what any Mother would have done. I believe that what makes Bonnie Conn-Oster even more of an extraordinary human being is that she is genuinely taken aback when people describe her behavior as extraordinary.

Yet, I frequently point out to my Mother the incredible gifts that our Creator placed in her and the remarkable influence of her life on growing numbers of people. When I was told that I was chosen to be one of the 10 “Unsung Heroes” to be honored at the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards, I wrote the Director of the Awards a passionate letter stating that I didn’t feel right about accepting the award without my Mother being a joint awardee. I sobbed as I wrote the letter, because my Mother is the True Unsung Hero, not me.


Producers Brandon Klock (to left) & Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr. (to right) fell in love with my Mother, during filming in Michigan.

Bonnie was at a point in her courageous cancer healing journey when Hollywood producer Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr. of Garriga Tribe Pictures and his associate Brandon Klock of Ticking Productions were in Michigan filming THE HEALERS TV Series Teaser Reel to show to Hollywood studios. Bonnie inspired these Hollywood producers and their assistant. Troy, who now considers Bonnie to be a dear friend whom he regularly calls, wrote me, “Your Mother, Dr. Craig Oster, is something else! We fell in love with Bonnie. She sees you as a superhero and believes in you and your work so completely that I couldn’t help but envy you and I NEVER envy anyone anything. She’s got such a great energy, so much love, such dedication.  I will think about her daily and pray for her complete healing and can’t say enough about how powerful being in her presence was for all of us. ALL OF US.”

After filming Bonnie, at 4:52am Brandon enthusiastically wrote, “Your mom is SOOOO wonderful. She gave us an incredible interview, probably the best of all that we shot. She spoke from the heart and is a pleasure to watch on camera. She radiates personality and energy. She’s gonna play a major part in this thing (THE HEALERS TV Series). I’m glad we saved her till the end. The best for last as the saying goes.”

My Mother has this effect on people. She is so genuine and loving. When Bonnie was forced to retire from 30 years of waitressing at the Big Boy’s in Plymouth, Michigan due to cancer, customers lined up on the sidewalk for a benefit to help Bonnie pay her medical bills. My Mother has touched so many people with her caring heart; I might be dead, instead of inspiring people around the world and conducting ALS scientific research, if not for her. Interestingly, within months of my Mother leaving the iconic Plymouth Big Boy’s restaurant, the landmark was demolished. However, countless people will continue to be affected by the extraordinary loving-kindness they experienced from Bonnie Conn-Oster, on the land which is now a parking lot.

My Mother touched so many hearts in her over 30 years of serving people with open-hearted love at Big Boy’s of Plymouth, Michigan.

I reached out to all of my campaign sponsors to see if they would help me help my Mother heal, because the campaign would not exist if Bonnie had not made the sacrifices she did to help me remain alive. A number of my sponsors were moved by Bonnie’s courageous and heroic efforts to make THE HEALERS campaign a reality by helping me heal, and by her own amazing inspirational healing journey! Tribest agreed to provide my Mother with the same Green Star Elite juicer, retailing for over $500, that I use in my holistic healing journey to make high alkaline green vegetable juice. In addition to juicing, Life Ionizers is providing Bonnie with a 2014 Next Generation M7 Life Ionizer machine costing about $2,000, so that she may drink high alkaline water throughout the day as I do.

In addition to the companies that provided my Mother with expensive machines to support her healing, three incredible other companies were inspired by Bonnie’s heroic healing journey to provide her with remarkable products that I believed would assist in her recovery and healing. LL’s Magnetic Clay & Ancient Minerals is providing my Mother with every product in their product line, which I thought could support her healing. International Nutrition Research Center is providing Bonnie with Master Amino Acid Pattern, the bestselling amino acid product in the world which has been shown to help people stricken with cancer to gain strength. BioAge is providing my Mother with monthly BioSuperfood, a product which has been shown to prevent cancer in animal research and more. My Mother and I are both experiencing positive results. I am grateful for all of the sponsors who are helping her heal.

My Mother wants to recover enough to be able to provide care for me again. Nearly every phone call I had with her during the cancer, and many post-cancer conversations, have involved her telling me that she must recover so she can help me heal. She is always focused on helping others and I believe it is her time to receive and to enjoy the remainder of her life healing and inspiring others as a part of THE HEALERS campaign, which would have never been born without all that she has given from the bottom of her heart.

My Mother being interviewed by PBS’ A Wider World Executive Producer, Jim Saliba.

Bonnie has been participating in a few conference calls for THE HEALERS campaign, which has been to everyone’s delight to have her loving presence with us. My Mother also recently accompanied THE HEALERS campaign advisor Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN to the TV/Radio studio of Michael Patrick Shiels the host of Michigan’s Big Show, viewed on Fox 47 TV in Lansing and heard on 12 affiliate radio stations throughout the State of Michigan. Coco and Bonnie will be traveling to Lansing again to have a recorded interview regarding Dr. Craig and THE HEALERS campaign.

Michael Patrick Shiels, TV/Radio Show Host who met my Mother and my advisor, Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN in his studio.

My mother, Coco Newton, and our dear friend Sandy watching me rev a Harley Davidson motorcycle at media event.

Bonnie also accompanied Coco to a Dr. Craig media event at Capitol Harley Davidson, which was filmed by WILX TV 10 News. The event involved me meeting with Bill and Karen Davidson, the great grandchildren of the Founder of Harley Davidson Motor Company and me being interviewed on a Harley Davidson three wheeler. The best part of the event for me was watching my Mother enjoy the whole thing, even her nervousness at my getting the Harley Davidson people to turn on the trike so I could feel that classic Harley Davidson rumble and rev the engine. As my Mother would say, a Mom is always a Mom. The weather was beautiful and it was one of the best times we have had together. I pray that this is just an inkling of what the future holds for one of the world’s most heroic Mother’s, Bonnie Conn-Oster. I believe that my Mother could help so many people with her story, and I have the intention to get her a book deal to tell her story.

My Mother standing by my side as I am interviewed by a TV news reporter.

Mom, I am one of the most fortunate persons alive, because you are my Mother. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, that God has allowed me to experience such extraordinary Love and commitment in my lifetime—that you are my Mother!

With humility and gratitude,

Your Son, Craig

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