Day 1 of Filming Dr Craig’s THE HEALERS Television Series Pilot Episode

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By Dr Craig

Last night was magical. Shortly before 9pm, the co-founder of THE HEALERS campaign Carl Polonyi arrived at my front door with two producers from Hollywood, Troy Anthony Garriga and Brandon Klock. Carl and I had been working with Troy via phone calls and email for a little less than one year on developing a docu-drama television series, which we eventually came to name “THE HEALERS.”

They were there to film a healing session with my dear friend and reflexologist, Deborah Goro. Troy was taken by how beautiful Deborah was on camera and by the depth of our genuine affection. Deborah, who has taught me much about the Law of Attraction over the years, looked me in the eyes and with a soft heartfelt voice said, “It’s happening, Craig.”  I knew exactly what she meant, and I replied, “My life is a dream come true!”

I had tears of gratitude in my eyes for how Troy has worked on this project without pay, because he believes in my mission to impact the world in a huge way. Troy and Brandon did such a good job of behaving in a way that had us interacting in a very natural way even though we realize that the pilot episode will be viewed by major Hollywood studios and potentially millions. They also filmed me having my nightly phone conversation with my beloved Michelle.

Today, they filmed at two other locations with other cast members of THE HEALERS.

Thank you for your support of THE HEALERS.  Please give me your vote for the ALIVE Inspiration Award at the ALIVE website [only takes 1 click, and you DON’T have to give email or anything], and help me spread awareness about THE HEALERS campaign. Please also consider sharing my voting link on your social media sites. I am in the running with 3 amazing inspirational persons, who are way more known than me, two of whom have hundreds of thousands of fans. I have 1,300. It is about getting recognition of THE HEALERS to help many, not about winning the award. You can make a difference by sharing.

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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