Dr Craig is Invited as Co-investigator with University of Brasilia Researchers on Brazilian ALS Epidemiological Scientific Study


by Dr Craig

I have very exciting news to share with you. Dr Natan Monsores, an Associate Professor of Public Health at University of Brasília, has invited me to partner with he and his associates in conducting a pioneering epidemiological scientific research study of people with ALS in Brazil. I am thankful to a person with ALS from Brazil named Carlos who informed me of non-published survey results from the majority of the people with ALS in Brazil.

The findings were consistent with my ideas about the possibility of psychological stress and other factors playing a role in the development of ALS. I told Carlos, who was instrumental in working with others to achieve obtain survey results from over 1,400 Brazilians with ALS, that I would like to be a co-investigator in a follow up study that would be published in a peer reviewed scientific research journal. Through some networking, I finally received the invitation from Dr Monsores. I am so grateful for Carlos helping me have this opportunity to advance the knowledge of mind/body factors in ALS!

Dr Monsores informed me that in Brazil they have a national ethics advisory committee (CONEP) that must authorize this kind of research. So far, Dr Francesco Pagnini, a research fellow at Catholic University of Milan, Italy and a member of my THE HEALERS campaign scientific research advisory team, will be on my team with this study along the researchers in Brazil.

With love and gratitude, 

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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