First Annual Report of the State of Dr Craig’s THE HEALERS Campaign: A Successful 1st Year (2012)!

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By Dr Craig, 18 year survivor of ALS & Director of THE HEALERS campaign

THE HEALERS campaign was born on January 1st 2012. I am very pleased to announce that although the campaign has yet to develop a commerce stream, THE HEALERS campaign has some remarkable achievements in its first year. There is so much to celebrate with you, that this report of THE HEALERS campaign first year achievements will be about equal to the length of four of my usual blogs. I hope that you will read to the very end of my First Annual Report of the State of Dr Craig’s THE HEALERS Campaign; it is so beautiful and inspiring that an 18 year ALS survivor has marshaled the ability to achieve what has been achieved with the amazing help of so many amazing people.

I strive with diligence to follow what I believe are the laws of health and happiness, and I am benefiting significantly. I thank God for the opportunity and ability to lead this campaign to give inspiration to great numbers of people for living a holistic lifestyle, and to conduct innovative ALS scientific research in the interest of the overall wellness of people with ALS.

The ongoing healing work I am engaging in with my advisors is being documented along with improvements in wellness such as breathing significantly better while sleeping, sleeping significantly longer before having sleep interrupted, the ability workout with heavier weights, greater endurance, improved skin and complexion, and more energy. To provide another example, last week Dr R. Taylor Scott, my advisor and physician, during a home visit stated that my breathing is the smoothest that he has witnessed with me in over 12 years.

R. Taylor Scott, DO, Michigan State University Professor of Medicine and member of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team, preparing to load his doctor’s bag onto his Harley Davidson motorcycle after a house call with Dr Craig 

Thus, in addition to the ALS peer-reviewed scientific research that THE HEALERS campaign will conduct in the coming years, my own documented case study will serve to demonstrate what is possible with a dedicated and intensive integrative holistic approach to wellness.

We have had a guest columnist most weeks, and have acquired a good number of renowned advisors to the amazing THE HEALERS advisory team during 2012. One of them is the world-renowned Dr Alex Loyd, the creator of The Healing Codes, who has some ideas similar to mine regarding psychological factors playing an important role in the holistic treatment of ALS. I am excited about the research possibilities.

Alex Loyd, PhD

By the way, speaking about the psychology of ALS, I would so much like to have as an advisor the remarkable and brilliant Dr Gabor Mate, whose innovative observations of people with ALS are very worthy of scientific study. I would like to conduct some research of ideas in consultation with this extraordinary physician. If you know Dr Gabor Mate, please consider putting in a good word for THE HEALERS campaign and me.

Another remarkable advisor is Prof Dr Sharique Zafar, Chief Editor of “Holistic Health Care and Research” an international journal of health sciences. Dr Zafar is also the Founder and Director of Holistic Health Care and Research Organization in India. There are more remarkable individuals who have joined THE HEALERS campaign advisory team. You may review the remarkable list of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team members, nearly 60 of them.

Prof Dr Sharique Zafar, MD, PhD

I am very excited to share that THE HEALERS campaign’s first ALS scientific research study yielded so many significant findings that we realized that we would need to publish two scientific research articles. The first article, “Resentment, Hate and Hope in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis”, published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Frontiers in Psychology, may be found by clicking on this link:

You may download a free PDF of the article on the website, on the right side of the page under the heading “Article Info”. A Natural News article about THE HEALERS ALS scientific research study is a very good summary of the research, and also contains a link to THE HEALERS scientific paper.

I will notify you again when we publish the second article; we have much work ahead of us, before that will happen. We are thankful for the participation of all the people with ALS who helped us to contribute to the advancement in the scientific knowledge of people with ALS. My motivation for conducting ALS research is a hope of developing a scientific understanding that will help people with ALS to have the greatest level of wellness that is possible, until a cure is demonstrated by someone around the world. I believe that we have barely touched the surface!

Dr Francesco Pagnini, my advisor who co-authored THE HEALERS campaign’s first ALS scientific research paper, and I are now co-investigators on a Harvard University ALS online research study headquartered in the Ellen Langer Mindfulness Research Lab. We are currently recruiting people with ALS, as well as their caregiver if the caregiver is interested. Not only will participants be sent the study’s findings, but will also be able to receive individual feedback upon request. Please click on this link if you would like to learn more information about this study (There is a link to the study on the information page):

Francesco Pagnini, PhD

THE HEALERS campaign is proud to partner with Harvard University ALS scientific research study 

The publication of THE HEALERS campaign’s first ALS scientific research study has opened up another opportunity that I believe will benefit THE HEALERS campaign. I have successfully been placed on the official team of 80 ALS scientists (from esteemed institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, University of Michigan, UCLA, McGill, Mayo Clinic, NIH, Penn State University, University of Toronto, Emory, Ohio State University, Stanford, MDA, Patients Like Me, and others) globally who are on the review team of ALS Untangled. Dr Richard Bedlack of Duke University placed me on the ALS Untangled team, thanks to THE HEALERS recent ALS peer-reviewed scientific publication.  ALSUntangled is a team that reviews off-label and alternative treatments for ALS.

Screenshot of ALS Untangled Website 

The producer of THE HEALERS television series reels is creating a new reel to pitch to Hollywood studios during the big new show buying season in January, based upon all of feedback from major studios regarding the reels used to pitch THE HEALERS television series during this past September’s show buying season. Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr., the producer, has put his heart and soul into making a reality of THE HEALERS television series touching millions.

THE HEALERS television series Producer, Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr., standing behind Associate Producer Brandon Klock of Ticking Tock Productions, during a week long THE HEALERS film shoot in Michigan in May 2012

I thank my advisors Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN and Dr Roger Newton for funding about 3/4 of the cost of a week of filming in Michigan and studio post-production.

 Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN

Roger S. Newton, PhD, FAHA

I thank my advisor Dr Kirk Laman and his wife Hassna for funding a little less than 1/4 of the costs. They also hosted the producer as well as the associate producer, Brandon Klock, for their week shoot in Michigan. Dr Kirk Laman and his wife Hassna had never met the producers, but opened their home to them with nightly home cooked meals and even provided them with the use of their Cadillac for traveling to all of their different shoot locations. Remarkable generosity in the service of THE HEALERS campaign, which they support so dearly.

Kirk Laman, DO, FACC

My advisor Dr Charles Glassman was kind enough to provide the remainder needed.

Charles F. Glassman, MD, FACP

I must note that Troy has done the majority of the work on my THE HEALERS television series for no charge during the 19 months of working on this project! He is passionate about THE HEALERS. Troy is a gift from God.

I am thankful to all of THE HEALERS advisory team members who have agreed to participate as guest stars on THE HEALERS television series in addition to the advisors who are part of my regular healing program, if and when the series makes it on the air: Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Henry Grayson, Dr Ann Louise Gittleman, Dr Larry Malerba, Dr Thomas Lodi, Dr Richard Linchitz, Jonathan Goldman, Donna Collins, Dr Charles Glassman, Dr Michael Wald and others.

Hyla Cass, MD, who frequently appears on television as a guest on shows such as the Dr Oz Show and The View, had volunteered to appear in a THE HEALERS television series sizzle reel shoot in May but scheduling a Los Angeles shoot with my producer didn’t work out 

Donna Collins is one of only six people in the world conferred the title of Master/Instructor from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, the world’s most prestigious feng shui educational institution…Donna is not only offering me a complete feng shui analysis, but also dedicating a Spring 2013 episode of her upcoming TV series to Dr Craig and THE HEALERS research and educational mission

Michael B. Wald, MD, MS, CNS, CCN, CDN, the renowned “Blood Detective” has not only agreed to appear as a guest star, but has also agreed to conduct some pro bono detective work on my blood

Larry Malerba, DO, DHt, author of Green Medicine and Huffington Post medical columnist, has agreed to be a guest on THE HEALERS television series if it is picked up by a Hollywood studio…Dr Malerba, a fellow Michigan State University alumnus, is one of the most valued contributors on THE HEALERS campaign advisory team 

Advisor Henry Grayson, PhD, who has agreed to appear on THE HEALERS television series if it becomes reality, frequently serves as an expert guest on Gary Null’s special PBS programs including: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Naturally, Preventing & Reversing Cancer Naturally, Prescription for Disaster, Sexual Healing, The Law of Attraction, Love, and Overcoming the Dark Side…Dr Grayson has also participated in the film, The Truth: The Journey Within

Whatever Hollywood studio that picks up THE HEALERS television series (God willing, it will be picked up) will determine whether or not the show will feature advisory team members who are not a part of my regular holistic health team. The way it works is that Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr., in collaboration with his agent at the renowned Beverly Hills Kaplan Stahler Agency, approaches studios with a concept of THE HEALERS television series. However, a studio may take the show and make it quite different, which is agreeable to me as long as I believe that their version of the show will have integrity and reach great numbers of people with inspiring hopeful possibilities of greater wellness.

Whether or not renowned advisors who are not central to my healing program are on THE HEALERS television series is not my central concern. Yet, I am grateful for the interest of a significant number of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team members in participating in the show, because it does give Troy more possibilities to put on the table with studios. What is most important with THE HEALERS television series is getting a successful first season with a show that has integrity and has a positive impact on the wellness of a large audience, with a message of hope and possibilities regardless of “the hand” that someone has been dealt or the unfortunate health-related choices that they have made in their past.

The Executive Producer of the PBS A Wider World television series, has already done two film shoots for an episode that will feature Dr Craig’s healing journey story and mission with THE HEALERS. The last time I communicated with the producer, he informed me that his next step will be to interview some of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team members.


A Wider World has been on PBS since the year 2000 and is viewed by about 600,000 people in the USA and Canada 

There is so much more ahead to accomplish, yet I am quite pleased with what has been accomplished by the campaign with no funding and with my physical limitations as an 18 year survivor of ALS. I am so grateful for my advisor Chris Sovey, RN, BSN who is the volunteer manager of THE HEALERS campaign website. Chris’s work behind the scenes is remarkable and allows me to do what I do! I love you Chris.

Chris Sovey, RN, BSN

I am thankful to the co-founder of THE HEALERS, Carl Polonyi, without whom the campaign would be but a fraction of what it is now. Carl is an old friend from high school who is now a corporate organization developer and who has led successful national campaigns for Hard Rock Café, Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort, and Steve Wynn Resorts. He is volunteering all of these talents to help an old friend (me) use his life to help others, while having caregiver expenses covered without having to continue to desperately fund raise for basic care.

Working with Carl and his remarkable dedication to THE HEALERS is a true honor. Perhaps one day Carl and I will tell the story of how he and I built THE HEALERS and how many hours Carl has spent on the campaign, not to mention all of the help with fundraising for my basic care so I could continue leading THE HEALERS campaign. Carl Polonyi has changed my life, incredibly! I believe much greater ALS research is possible for THE HEALERS campaign, as well as inspiring greater health and happiness for great numbers of people. THE HEALERS campaign advisory team has over 50 renowned members, including integrative medicine doctors, healers and scientists. Great things are ahead, and God willing we will develop the commerce stream to accomplish the goals of the campaign.

Carl Polonyi, co-founder of THE HEALERS campaign 

I also thank my incredible friend Sandy, and my beloved life partner Michelle, who have both helped me tremendously with the campaign!!! I would also like to acknowledge the immense contributions to THE HEALERS campaign of Dr Elizabeth Waiess, President of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council (MPC), who generously travels to my home twice weekly to provide me with psychoanalytic psychotherapy (This is possible for me because Dr Waiess accepts Medicare, and the co-pay is being funded by a program in which I am participating). I believe that this treatment helped save my life, and has helped me develop ideas–to be scientifically investigated–pertaining to the possible contributory role of psychological factors in the etiology and treatment of ALS.

My health and wellness is critical to the mission of THE HEALERS campaign, as long as I am at the helm of leadership. My health is also part of the message of the campaign, regarding what is possible with a holistic approach. Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN, one of my advisors, has donated extensive and sophisticated laboratory tests to evaluate my body’s needs, supplied me with expensive supplementation, offered hours of expert nutritional consultations, and funded a consultation with world renowned neurologist and expert in neuro-degenerative diseases, Dr David Perlmutter. My wellness is improved because of my work with Coco Newton. Coco and Dr Roger Newton also provided generous financial support which helped me survive outside of a nursing home for over three and a half months while fundraising planning was occurring!

Coco and Dr Roger Newton have PROFOUNDLY affected my Mother and I with their generous help, saving us from great unpleasantness. My heroic Mother, almost 70 years old, worked 60 hours a week as a waitress while care-giving for me while spending her total few hundred thousand dollars inheritance to keep me alive and properly cared for. She is now unable to work after taking a brutal beating during her successful battle with aggressive stage 4 cancer that was crushing her heart, throat and spine about one year ago. Coco and Dr Roger Newton are gifts from God in life and for the advancement of the campaign.

Without my Mother, I would likely not be alive and there would not be a THE HEALERS campaign. While my Mother is working on her healing, she is sharing my vision of us using her healing journey to help others. My Mother is an integral part of THE HEALERS campaign’s heart. We are immensely grateful for how our lives have been made more bearable because of Coco and Dr Roger Newton.

My overall wellness is also improved thanks to the donated four weekly healing sessions from THE HEALERS campaign advisory team member and internationally renowned bio-energy healer, Zoran Hochstatter. My heart has been touched by the incredible commitment of this Master Healer and Teacher. There is a remarkable documentary about the healing method on his website. I am so honored. Zoran works around the world and if you are interested in bio-energy healing, you may have the opportunity to train with him. God willing, he will conduct a training in the East Lansing, Michigan area in 2013.

Zoran Hochstatter is the only officially recognized teacher of the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy in the US, UK, Canada and other English speaking countries

My advisor Dr Jay Sandweiss volunteers to drive from Ann Arbor to East Lansing on a monthly basis to treat me with acupuncture needles, osteopathic manipulation and cranial sacral therapy, pro bono. I always feel better after Dr Jay treats me. Our bond is deep. This kind of love is what allows me to lead THE HEALERS campaign and to one day, God willing, fund considerable ALS holistic scientific research and to touch millions with a message of hope and possibilities.

Jay Sandweiss DO, C-NMM/OMM, FAAMA was with me on the day the University of Michigan ALS Clinic diagnosed me with ALS, 08/16/1994

My advisor Dr Kirk Laman and his beloved wife Hassna volunteer to visit with me most weeks for a Sufi healing session. These sessions change my life. They are so devout and when I do the prayers in Arabic with them, I feel the peace of God and feel shifts in awareness. I am stronger because of the kindness that they demonstrate with me. I feel closer to God during my time with them. I suspect that it is related to their dedication to walking the serious Sufi path of striving to always remember the name of God in their hearts. I am stronger for THE HEALERS campaign work because of the love that they show me.

Kirk Laman, DO, FACC, a “Whole-Hearted Cardiologist”

My advisor Dr Ann Louise Gittleman provided me with comprehensive analysis of a sample of my hair. The information was very helpful, and allowed me to make changes for my wellness. Dr Ann Louise was pretty adamant that I investigate dental issues related to neurological issues. I believe that she changed my life with her persuasive encouragement. I am so grateful.

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Because of Dr Ann Louise, I decided to speak with my advisor Dr David Regiani, a national leader in environmental and holistic Dentistry and a founding member, past president, and master of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology as well as founding member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. Dr Regiani made an amazing offer to do some pro bono investigation and treatment.

He began with taking panoramic view dental x-rays and evaluating the electrical conductivity of each of my teeth. He also had a customized dental orthotic created, because of his clinical experience with having some improvement in neurological conditions when a patient’s bite is put back into alignment. Unfortunately, my tongue kept reacting in a way that stimulated a gag reflex, so we are going to wait and see if future improvements from other healing work will allow me to utilize the device that he had custom made in a laboratory.

He is waiting to do some dental work that may improve my neurological condition, while he and his amazing associate, Ann Huested, RN (also my advisor), are using a remarkable computerized energy medicine system to strengthen me. Ann has been generously volunteering her time to travel to Dr Regiani’s office to evaluate the reflex points on my body. We are seeing definite improvements!

David W. Regiani, BS, DDS, MIAOMT

I am also grateful to announce two new sponsors, who are providing both my mother and I their full line of products for our healing. My Mother sacrificed everything for years to help me stay alive and who this past year successfully won a battle with aggressive stage four cancer that was crushing her heart, spine and throat. LL’s Magnetic Clay and Christopher Key’s S.W.A.T.S. Edge are the new sponsors that deeply touched my heart by helping my Mother recover from the devastation of the cancer and the cancer treatments.

Some of LL’s fabulous products that my Mother and I are using, thanks to LL’s Magnetic Clay

LL’s Magnetic Clay Logo 

S.W.A.T.S. Edge has many cases of people’s bodies repairing faster, and my Mother and I appreciate the sponsorship of Christopher Key’s S.W.A.T.S. Edge corporation

International Nutrition Research Center is also providing both my Mother and I with their remarkable and extensively scientifically tested Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP), which I believe to be the best protein form for rebuilding the body. I am so grateful for Dr Grandi, the brilliant research scientist who leads this company.

Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

I am also grateful for the new sponsorship of enzymes from Generation Plus

I am grateful to the role that my entire sponsorship team has played in my wellness, to keep me strong in my mission with THE HEALERS campaign. I would like to give a special thanks to my sponsor Tribest Life, who not only supply me with the most amazing wheatgrass seeds every month but who also not only provided both my mother and I with their world famous first rate Green Star Elite twin gear juicer, but also provided three additional juicers for my annual benefit along with a high quality food dehydrator. Tribest’s contribution to my benefit auction was responsible for about 1/5 of the money that was raised at the benefit.  I can only keep moving forward in leading THE HEALERS ALS scientific research campaign and holistic health campaign if my basic survival is secure. I thank Tribest for answering the sincere call of my heart! Thanks to Tribest Life, my heroic Mother is now following the high alkaline juicing regimen that I have recommended for her healing.

World famous first-rate Green Star Elite twin gear juicer

Sedona Food Dehydrator, available from Tribest Life 

The wheatgrass in this photo is inferior to what I am growing now, with Sproutman’s high quality wheatgrass seeds from Tribest in the wheatgrass growing system from Tribest (I now yield about 8 ounces of wheatgrass juice from each tray, and that is my daily intake Monday through Friday most of the time)

I also wish to thank my advisor Dr Bernie Siegel for speaking to my Mother during her most difficult time.

The legendary Bernie Siegel, MD 

I am also grateful for consultation with integrative cancer specialist, my advisor Dr Richard Linchitz.

 Richard Linchitz, MD, world-renowned integrative cancer physician  

I give thanks to all of my advisors for believing in the value of my scientific, educational and inspirational mission, and for their attention to my correspondences and for their feedback!

Advisor Darren R. Weissman, DC has touched me with his loving service to me on behalf of THE HEALERS campaign 

My advisor Dr Bruce Lipton is not only one of the most pioneering scientists of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team, he and his wife Margaret have shown me such open-hearted love and kindness for which I am grateful and honored.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, has touched my heart with his loving communications, including his declaration that he will share my healing journey story and THE HEALERS mission in his travels around the world

I thank everyone who has supported the campaign in any way. I thank everyone for their patience, as I continue to work as hard as is humanly possible typing with one finger on a mouse to lead THE HEALERS scientific and educational campaign. I do this while working to heal the serious damage that has happened to both my Mother and I; both of us are supposed to be dead according to the standard medical experts, but we are determined to demonstrate healing and help people through our healing journeys.

Carl Polonyi, THE HEALERS campaign co-founder, and I are dedicated to establishing a commerce stream in the second year of THE HEALERS campaign, so that I may focus more on the conducting of ALS scientific research, writing and educating. I am hungry to conduct a large ALS “food as medicine” dietary scientific research study, which I suspect will be groundbreaking.

God willing, 2013 will bring a THE HEALERS series to television, mark the beginning of a commerce stream that will build for the advancement of THE HEALERS campaign, airing of the PBS episode about Dr Craig and THE HEALERS campaign, additional publication of peer-reviewed ALS scientific research by THE HEALERS campaign, additional significant regeneration in health for my Mother and I to teach what is possible with an integrative holistic approach, a story about THE HEALERS campaign in highly regarded national publication(s), greater involvement from more of THE HEALERS campaign advisory team, and many wonderful surprises! Thank you for your interest in the achievements of THE HEALERS campaign in 2012 and for any of the many ways in which you may support the positive impact of THE HEALERS campaign!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

Consider making a donation to The Craig Oster Trust (Every dollar goes to health expenses, as designated by the special needs trust)

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