Only God Knows If THE HEALERS Television Series Will Make It On The Air


- by Dr Craig

The executive producer of my THE HEALERS television series pilot reels is still pitching the show to studios. He has had meetings with some of the biggest reality TV production companies in Hollywood. They all believe that we got something here. We have had some close calls, but no one has decided to pick it up yet.

At first, I went through a spiritual crisis because in my mind it was a done deal that someone would pick it up right away, and my vision felt so real. I was warned that good shows oftentimes don’t get a chance in Hollywood and that those who make it often follow a long road to success. I truly believed that we would have multiple offers, early on. Humbling. I do usually say or think “God willing” regarding accomplishments that I foresee occurring in a given time frame; nonetheless, I came to realize that I was too attached to a particular outcome.

I did some spiritual work and now I am in a much better place. Now I realize what an honor it is for my show to have engaged an amazing studio for over three days, even though they did not say “yes” at this point in time. We are learning from every experience and input. Some have said that the time is not right and a comment has been made that we are too bold politically with what we want to say about health. Others have requested that my producer shoots additional footage to capture the personal lives of other cast members, but we will have to raise money if we are to pursue additional filming. What we are proposing is of a different paradigm than what is the standard fare of Reality TV. We are still optimistic and we are flexible in how the show may look, but it must be consistent with integrity. I will keep you posted.

On another front, the executive producer for PBS’ “A Wider World” series contacted me and told me that the show has been in reruns for a bit and that the new season will start up November 1st. Right now, they are finishing up some other stories, and he said that when he returns from a shoot in California that they will sit down and plan the rest of the shoots for my story. I have learned that patience and persistence are necessary when working with Hollywood. I will keep you posted.

Only God knows what is going to happen. I pray that a way is given in the near future for me to be able to be helpful to more people, while being secure in my basic survival and health expenses. I feel closer, yet I am having to continue to raise money for my basic needs. There will be a benefit concert for me near Plymouth, Michigan on Saturday, November 17, 2012. I am going to do my best to trust that I will meet this goal as well as develop a commerce stream to fund more important ALS research. Secure Donations to the Craig Oster Trust may be made on this website to assist with my health care. 

Gratefully yours,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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