Producers of THE HEALERS Television Series Pilot Episode Leave Michigan as Changed Men

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By Dr Craig (mostly quoting one of the producers of THE HEALERS)

In my previous post, I shared what a wonderful experience it was to work with the producers of THE HEALERS television series pilot episode, Troy Anthony Garriga, Jr., and Brandon Klock. I would like to give you Troy’s perspective on the 8 day shoot of my pilot episode. This is what Troy had to say in one of his Facebook postings to family and friends regarding THE HEALERS, “I’d like to share with you just a few things that I learned while working with THE HEALERS. Food is medicine. Before relying on a drug, it’s best to see if the deficiency or dilemma causing your illness can be balanced by eating with a purpose. Energy matters. Positive energy, remembrance, praying, meditation, it all works by keeping the spirit up, the light of hope lit, and serves to reduce stress which can be a killer in circumstances of serious sickness. Our mood impacts our healing. Faith and love is paramount to healing. BELIEVE you’ll get better and the odds you will are much better than the alternative. If diet and exercise is important when it comes to keeping us healthy, then it’s even more important when we’re sick. Movement is good, even a little, and we should all be especially mindful of what we put into our bodies when we are ill. 1000 calories of walnuts, avocado, and blueberries is not the same as 1000 calories of sugar and grease. Deep breathing is good. Focusing on our energy is good. God bless you all.”

Regarding the purpose of THE HEALERS, Troy posted, “The point of the show is to hopefully reach out and touch lives, leading viewers to better health and general wellness. Dr. Craig Oster has lived with ALS for 18 years. His mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He’s not working in Wonderland; he’s here and now, surviving, doing what he can to help his own mother, and still reaching out to help others whenever possible. I recently interviewed his mother and found her to be one of the most generous, giving human beings I have ever met in my life and even while facing her own struggle, her energy, her light, was something to behold. She’s an inspiration. Dr. Craig has been in hospice himself and battled out of it.”

In this message to me, Troy covers much ground regarding THE HEALERS film shoot, “Roger was great on camera for us yesterday and Coco is brilliant!  Her passion is comparable to your own, Dr. Craig.  She’s as fiery as she is beautiful and while we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with her and Roger as we’d have liked, the footage we shot of them is wonderful.  I love them as a crusading couple out to change the world for the better! AND your mother, Dr. Craig Oster, is something else!  We fell in love with Bonnie.  She sees you as a superhero and believes in you and your work so completely that I couldn’t help but envy you and I NEVER envy anyone anything.  I might have admiration, and look at some special gift and think, “I’d like something like that,” or “I’d like to be involved in a relationship like that,” but never at the expense of taking something away from someone else.  I’d like my own version of what I admire.  Your mother…your mom…okay, I’d never really want to have your mother as my own, taking her away from you, but I thought about it!  She’s got such a great energy, so much love, such dedication.  I will think about her daily and pray for her complete healing and can’t say enough about how powerful being in her presence was for all of us.  ALL OF US.”

He continued, “We’re shooting some B-roll this morning and looking forward to our last day with you, Dr. Craig, but the bottom line is that we know we already have everything we need to sell this show.  The relationship you share with Michelle is special and sweet and amazing.  I can’t imagine audiences not loving it.  Coco and Roger are like characters I would make up to write some great fictional tale of heroism, only they’re real and what they’re doing is remarkable and real.  Dr. Laman and Hassna are quirky and lovable and I’m still trying to figure out how to thank them properly for allowing us to stay in their lovely home.  And Dr. Jay ~ Dr. Jay goes to work in a flower print Hawaiian shirt and shorts!  He’s beloved; his patients talk about him like he’s the Paul Bunyan of osteopathy.  Every time this gentle giant of a man puts his hands on a child I think “He’s going to rip them in half!”, but they leave laughing and with big smiles on their faces.  Mothers bring their infants to him; they trust in him so completely. Michigan is beautiful. You’re all beautiful.  I like our chances.  You’re all already doing magnificent work, changing lives, helping people, and I think we have a great opportunity here to add a little volume to an already amazing message from THE HEALERS.  Life is beautiful.  I’ve talked with Brandon enough to know he feels as lucky as I do to have been able to spend this time with all of you.  You’re a bunch of cool cats. You have changed our lives for the better. –Troy”

All of us here in Michigan feel the same way as Troy and Brandon. They have changed our lives for the better. Furthermore, because of their valiant professional efforts, I believe that THE HEALERS will make television history within the next year.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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