Remembering the Name of God in My Heart is Deepening, and…

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By Dr Craig

I have been making progress in my Sufi practice of remembrance, which is saying the name of God in Arabic (Allah) repeatedly, preferably with focus of awareness in the heart. In addition to morning and night practice, the commitment I made to God in the presence of my shaykh, Sidi Mohammed, was to strive to remember the name of God all the time.

I even was doing it in my dream this week, walking down a long path in the nighttime. The woman next to me said that people would hear me and that we did not not want to draw their attention. I continued anyway. My dream represents a new blessed level of surrender of the mind to Love in the heart.

I love the feeling of expansiveness, and it doesn’t involve suppression of pain or problems; instead, they are given presence in an expanding heart. I find myself burning through them, and learning and increasing awareness does occur. As a psychoanalytic clinical psychologist, I have had to work extraordinarily hard to be less in the mind. Insights still arise, yet in the space of the heart.

I enjoy writing about my mystical Sufi Islamic spiritual healing walk. In the future, I might consider writing a column in a national venue in addition to THE HEALERS campaign. I see thatMike Adams has a new spiritual website, which I have to check out. I am already a citizen journalist with his incredible Natural News. I have not written an article for awhile, because I have been pushed to the limit with leading THE HEALERS campaign, conducting innovative ALS holistic scientific research, developing and producing my THE HEALERS television series, managing 24/7 caregivers, working with PBS, helping my mother heal, and working to develop commerce for THE HEALERS campaign research with THE HEALERS sponsor International Bancard.

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With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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