The “Dr Craig” Song, by Genghis Keooon (AKA Kenny Gibson, a caregiver of Dr Craig)

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The “Dr Craig” Song, by Genghis Keooon

(AKA Kenny Gibson, a caregiver of Dr Craig)


“So we go, So we go, to be, to know

So we go, So we go, to be, to know”


These lines resonate with the wave of life that Craig generates on a daily basis. When I am at Craig’s home helping him with his daily activities it is constantly one thing to the next, and it is all focused on helping, caring and loving. Craig’s focus on holistic mindfulness generates a very peaceful wave, full of harmony. This wave is constructed through careful consideration of his mind, body and soul. While all three play a part in every action of his life, I believe some are harnessed more during different activities. I believe he grows his mind through his charitable endeavors in helping people with ALS, with other concerns, and through scientific research regarding mindfulness and disease.


He grows his body through maintaining a routine scheduled high alkaline diet, exercising three-times-a-week and getting proper rest. He grows his soul through his devout following of the Sufi path for which he dedicates much of his days in prayer and listening to healing words, chanting and music. Through the holistic combination of these three elements of life he creates an awesome aura which has catalyzed my ability “to be” and “to know”.


When I began working for him, I had trouble with the long periods of silence in which I am helping him eat, drink and take supplements. I had a tendency to get restless, tiresome, fidgety and a bit irritated with myself for not being able to handle this. Through Craig’s wisdom, listening to his spiritual practices, learning what he is spending all his time doing, and other outside factors including a philosophy class, yoga, spiritual philosophical readings and growing my connections with friends and family I have learned to ease these angsts that I had. I believe the positive energy that Craig resonates has had a very incredible impact on me. Now during these long periods of silence I am at ease, pleasantly pondering all the things within me and without me, enjoying Craig’s presence with more appreciation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is a philosophy that Craig and I have discussed many times. Craig’s connection and mindfulness is evident in the tears he sheds from witnessing events so deep and profound.



“All of these things we have never seen before.

All of these tears that are falling to the floor.

Seeing the beauty in everything, a Mother writes her daughter a story because she’s dying, in front of my eyes, love is multiplying.”


I had never witnessed such profound, dynamic and diverse love in a person. So many times I have witnessed Craig shed beautiful tears in honor of deeply emotional moments that I have had the pleasure to witness with Craig. I reference a story we watched where “a Mother writes her daughter a story because she is dying…” which was a children’s Muslim video that we watched together. To my recollection, a little girl sweetly sings a story that she is reading which her Mother had wrote for her before the Mother’s untimely passing while she feels the presence and vitality of her Mother in the story and longs for their union. Craig shed tears for minutes because of this story. “…in front of my eyes, love (was) multiplying.”


The fractal of emotion trickling down from the creator of the story to Craig who was like a powerful transformer for the energy of love in that story which I witnessed through the story and through Craig which played its roll in me writing this song and those lyrics and now many people listening to this song and having it effect them in their own individual ways, instilling more love in them which I have been told it has done. It is a beautiful, loving, radiant, mystical magical ripple which Craig poured an incredibly powerful amount of vitality into which I believe Craig does in many facets of his life. This thought reminds me of a quote from Gandhi, “…and if individuals can do it, cannot whole groups of individuals, whole nations?”.



“a lesion pure and true,

my friend’s spirit is shinning through,

from the tops of mountains,

that’s where he is shouting”


These lines are in reference to Craig and Carl Polonyi’s beautiful creation that is THE HEALERS. I believe it to be such a righteous force for good and a prime example of Craig’s quest to spread love, knowledge, wisdom and good intentions all across the world.  This compilation of renowned intellectuals who all have wonderful souls is a result of a year and a half of toiling perpetual charitable work from Craig. It is as if Craig is climbing mountain after mountain, singing from the top of each, gently, kindly, knowledgeably asking for the force of good in people to stand up against the wrong doings of the corporate health market and furthermore their own psychology because this Craig credits to be the way which he has made his own remarkable achievements in health status. It is not common for someone to leave hospice and go home, there must be so many deeply profound lessons in that adventure.


“in his mind he remains,

in his soul deeper again”


Craig has an amazing soul which he is continuously striving to purify through Sufi-teachings of all kinds. Through, chanting, meditation, prayer, dihker, and remembrance. He is striving to gain closer and closer connection to Allah, which to me means the Love that is the connecting force of the Universe. His actions in this manner have been passed on to me to a degree and I am very thankful for that. With all of this prayer I have also witnessed it’s healing abilities through Craig. I believe I was there at the time when Craig began routinely chanting and since that time I have noticed improvements in Craig’s articulation and Craig’s overall ability to strive and work throughout the day.


“the joy he does bring,

to the world,

I’ll sing it to the wind,

the mountains,

the oceans,

deeper again”


Well…. I have been singing Craig’s song to the wind, mountain, oceans and every time it feels pretty deep within myself. I love yah Craig. Hugz.


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