“Redemption” Song Written by Thom Jayne & Dedicated to Dr Craig’s Healing Journey and Performed 5-Minutes into PBS Hour Long Episode.

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by Dr Craig

Professor Thom Jayne stopped at health food store in the Fall of 2010, picked up a copy of CoSozo Magazine featuring me on the front cover, and read my healing journey essay. Dr Jayne was so deeply touched that he tracked me down, made a $300 donation for my health care, and invited me to be the guest of honor at a Thom Jayne and the Nomads concert.


Dr Jayne also followed up with a private meeting in my living room, performing his Dr Craig “Redemption” song dedication for me and my beloved Michelle. The song may be heard 5-Minutes into the PBS hour-long episode, “Thom Jayne and the Nomads |PBS BackStage Pass.” One of my dear friends is considering using this song as part of the soundtrack of a Dr Craig Hope & Healing Yoga Documentary he is creating.

Professor Jayne has returned from a two year research mission to help people in Africa and told me that he would like to visit and catch up soon. I am grateful that my story and my dedicated healing work is touching people in such powerful ways. I feel so grateful for opportunities that I have been provided with my 19 year ALS healing journey!

With love and gratitude,

Dr Craig

Craig Oster, PhD

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